Two days ago, my brother read Pancasila in front of me. Then it made me remember a day few weeks ago, when i was having dinner together with dhilla, rama, and akira. On that day, just like usual, we talked about lots of things, we laughed at everything that we thought was funny. I forget why we started to talk about Pancasila, what i remember is that we tried to mention all the points of Pancasila but none of us could tell perfectly. What is Pancasila actually? Some of you might be wondering if you're not Indonesian. Pancasila is the official philosophical foundation of the Indonesian state (based on wikipedia's explanation ;p). When we were still in elementary school until high school, we regularly heard Pancasila being read every week during flag ceremony at our schools. But since we hadn't had flag ceremony for years, we rarely heard someone read Pancasila. Thus, we couldn't recall it easily ;p
So, here i post the points of Pancasila with the hope that i won't forget them ;)


I Still Can Drive!

Yess, since i arrived at home a week ago, i haven't tried to drive even once. I was afraid because i haven't been driving for a year. But today i finally forced myself to drive again because i should take my mom to some places.
Yeayy happy happy that i still remember how to drive a car :) 
Anyway how's your fasting, friends? I hope you're all doing fine. I gotta go! Bye ;)


I Belong To The Air

-- Mr. President from the movie of Independence Day

Things Can Be So Surprising

Yeah it is definitely true that things can be very surprising. Sometimes we never know that something could happen in a way that we have never imagined before. Things has been surprising for me these days. And i'm happy ;)

*sorry that for posting such a random post like this ;p*


My Little Brother ;)

My little brother did something funny so that it made me laugh. Of course you know cooling pad for notebook, don't you? As we know there's a built in fan in the cooling pad. And what was so funny about my brother is, instead of using the cooling pad to cool down the notebook, he used the cooling pad as an electric fan for himself. hehehe. What a smart act done by an 8 years old boy ;p


Home Sweet Home

Hi all ;) Finally i have time to post something here. I just arrived at my home in Indonesia on August 10th, 2010 after having total 13 hours trip from Tokyo, Narita - Kuala Lumpur - Jakarta. Yeah i should stay at Kuala Lumpur for 5 hours to wait for the connecting flight to Jakarta. Over all it was a nice trip. On time flight, quite good weather, good food, and also great trip partner, Dila ;) FYI, i went home by Malaysian Airlines *great impression for the first ride with this airlines*
Otsukare Dilaaaa :) Let's have a great time during holiday at home! hehehe.
What was the first impression when i arrived at Jakarta? It was my brother who i met for the very first time after i've taken all my baggages. He was different! I didn't even noticed at the first  time that he was my brother. LOL. Yeah now he's taller and his skin has gotten darker. Pretty much different from the last time i saw him.
Anyway happy holiday :D


Danbo And The Cheerful Sunflower :D

Finally i could finish making this danbo *eventhough now it's already broken, because i put it in my bag. huh*. And finally i could take some photos of sunflower! Yeahh, i really like sunflower. For me, this sunflower brings a cheerful feeling. Maybe because of its bright color.
Anyway i will be going back to Indonesia for summer holiday...tomorrow! Yes tomorrow! I'm so excited yet a bit lazy to pack my luggage. hehehehe. I just can't wait to see my family, my bf, and my friends too :D 


Dream Bear

This is the teddy bear that i talked about in one of my posts *click* before when i reviewed about my weekend. Wish someone would buy me one someday ;)


Weird Feeling ;p

Yes, i'm having a weird feeling now. You might be wondering what the weird feeling is. Hehe. Ok, i'll tell you. Don't worry ;p
As you might have noticed from few posts before that i'm currently having my final exams week. Actually i was studying until few minutes before, then i felt this weird feeling. I don't know if i ever felt this way before or not. hahaha. Somehow studying makes me happy! It's weird, isn't it? Or is it only me who think that it's weird. Well, anyway maybe the next time i feel sad or upset, i should try to find something to study about ;p


Bla Bla Bla

So, you do hate me, you hate what i posted here. If that's the case, just don't even bother to come and read. Go away!