Joyful Weekend ;)

How was your weekend people? Mine was great ;) Spending three days of holiday, started on saturday and ended yesterday (yeah yesterday was monday!!) with fun stuffs.
On saturday, me together with dhilla had a shopping day. We went to some stores in Roppongi hills and Shibuya to feel the euphoria of summer SALE ;p if only we had unlimited budget, i couldn't imagine how much money we could spend that day. hehehehe. Yeah, but since we're good girls, we could keep everything safe ;p
On sunday, i went to a festival where we could see fireflies and some traditional japanese cultural perfomances. And the best part was...the FIREFLIES! That was the first time i saw fireflies. And it was totally beautiful ;)
sorry for not being able to share the beauty of the fireflies. i finally could take this picture of those fireflies when i was almost giving up, it seems like a group of dots though ;p

On monday, me and the other 5 people (dhilla, rama, aki-chan, mba rany, and mas asad) went to Disney Sea. It's located exactly next to Tokyo Disney Land. I was soooo happy and excited there eventhough it was very hot. We rode some attractions (i don't know if this word is right or not, but according to the guide booklet, they called it attraction) like StormRider, RagingSpirits rollercoaster, IndianaJones Adventure, TowerofTerror, etc. The Bon Fire Dance performance was really great, i loved the coreography so much. They made me wanna dance, too ;p And the best part of this special summer entertainment was the water program Chip 'n Dale's Cool Service "Deluxe" -- "SPLASH!". We were splashed by the cool water. Eventhough we got really wet, but since it was very hot, we enjoyed the water splash so much :D

So, what do you think? Great isn't it? But one think that was making me soo disappointed, i really wanted to buy a teddy bear doll but it was too expensive *1万円だよ!マジで?!* T_T noo way. I won't waste that much for a doll ;( 


readhermind-dy said...

seru deh... bikin mupeng..
aku selalu suka klo kamu posting pengalaman2 di sana, senang bacanya..

Ramadhona Saville said...

yoooooiiii,,otsukare sama deshita
hotaru mitakatta naa
haaah long weekend yg panjang ya,hehe ;)

edhika said...

dy: hehehe..seneng jugaa klo ada yg seneng bacanya ;) tunggu cerita2 selanjutnya yaaa :D

rama: otsukare sama deshita! hahaha. taun depan mudah2an ada lagi hotarunyaa, keren loh maa. hehe
mada mada hoshii yo, nagai shuumatsu ga ;p