Something I Learn In Life

It has been about 21 years that i spent to live my life. Of course there are so many things happened, and maybe i can say it must be uncountable. But, the point in living a life is not only letting those things which have happened to be just gone that way. We need to learn something. Yeah, there must be so many things that we could learn from what have happened in the past.
When we did right, we learn it, then we should try to keep doing right in the future. When we did wrong, we learn it, then we should try not to repeat the same mistake. 
We can learn something not only from our own lives, but also from others'. Yes, we can also learn from others' lives.
Today, i would write one thing that i have learned so far.
We don't need to brag about ourselves too much to other people, in order to make them know who we are. Especially, when we achieve something that we are so much proud of. From my experience, even though i don't talk about what i've achieved to many people, apparently there are people who know it as the time keeps going on. Even from people that i thought would never be care that much about myself.
I'm grateful for not bragging too much about myself (well, at least i think so about myself, since i've seen so many people who bragged about themselves a lot even in social networking sites) so that i could learn about this thing.

There's no need to brag too much in order to be recognized.

Well, it's only 3 days left before we go on to the next new year. Wow, it's almost 2011 already! Time really flies so fast. A lot of things are waiting ahead of us. Let's give our best to make a better future :)
So, did you get yourself a new year resolution, folks? Me? As usual i never make one. hehehe.

Anyway, i miss my family a lot >,< especially my little brother. huhuhu.


I'm Sad, Dear Muslims..

Yeah it's true that i am sad to see the situations of muslims especially in Indonesia in my country. Not that i'm sad because people treat them bad. Not at all, because nobody have done so (at least in the major area). 
Why am i sad?
There are so many reasons, but maybe i will not talk about them all here. I realize that i haven't been so much religious too. I know sometimes i do wrongs, i know there're still lots of things that i should learn in my own religion, Islam. And the most important thing is that i still have to be able to make myself live my life in a way that my God loves.
The first thing is about wearing Hijab. As we know, wearing Hijab is a MUST for every lady who thinks that herself is a muslim. The commands that coming from our God are written clearly inside the Qur'an.
O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful. (Q.S Al-Ahzab; 59)
And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands' fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers, their brothers' sons, their sisters' sons, their women, that which their right hands possess, or those male attendants having no physical desire, or children who are not yet aware of the private aspects of women. And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment. And turn to Allah in repentance, all of you, O believers, that you might succeed. (Q.S An-Nur; 31)
See, i think it's clear enough how important it is for the ladies to wear hijab. I know, me myself, began to wear ones since my 2nd year in high school. I know it wasn't so early as i was already 16 yo at that time. But i guess, it's better than never have the will at all.
So, what makes me sad is not that there're still so many ladies who haven't worn hijab. No, not for that reason. But, it's because nowadays, many of those ladies (in my country) who haven't worn ones start to have a kind of thought about wearing hijab. Ok, starts from a brief condition around ladies and hijab in my country first.
Yes, it's true that recently there are many ladies who have worn hijab but still doing bad things like making out with their boyfriends (we know it's not OK), or any other things which we may judge as bad.
Then, from that fact, ladies who haven't worn hijab have this kind of thought which says "It's better to improve their behaviors first then wearing hijab, rather than wearing hijab first but still acting with bad behaviors."
I, personally don't agree with that kind of thought which i think seems to be like a comparison between two kinds of ladies. Why did i say i don't agree? You don't have too see how others are doing before you decide to wear hijab. Because the basic point is, this is between you and your God. You wear hijab not for everyone around you, but for yourself and also to accomplish what God has asked.
And the one who have right to judge which one is better, is not us. It's not our rights. It's only God who could judge. And what we have to do is try as best as we can to accomplish what God has asked. PERIOD.
I'm not saying this to force anybody to wear hijab. Nooo. I just want it, in some ways, changes the way most ladies thinks about wearing hijab. :)
And i just feel so grateful for having my dad, who kept reminding me on how important it is to wear hijab, and also for having my mom, who gave me a real strong support when i decided to wear hijab. Thanks so much dad and mom. I love you both so much ;)

Well, actually there are still some other reasons that make me sad. But, maybe it's better not to write about those all now. hehehe. 
Why? Actually i just wanted to make my blog as a fun one to read. So, writing too much things around ethnicity, religion, and race may bring different atmosphere to this blog. Don't you think so?


My Favorite Japanese Actor :D

Hellooo people :D
Today i want to tell you my favorite Japanese Actors. Hehehe. I really love Japanese drama. I think most of them have really great stories. But there are several dramas which became my favorites, they are the dramas which are played by my favorite actors..hihi..
And who are they??
So, the first actor that always ties my eyes to keep watching him is Kimura Takuya :D
He is not young anymore though..hihi. But he always gives his best when he acts in dramas. Some dramas that i love from him are Engine, Hero, Lucky, and Tsuki no Koibito. Yeay yeay i like him soooo much..
The second one is Naohito Fujiki.. :D
Actually i've only seen 3 dramas of him. Hotaru no Hikari (1) and (2), and also Proposal Daisakusen. I like him the best in Hotaru no Hikari when he acted as Buchou!! "Buchou! Buchou!" hihihi..

Well, anyway..sorry i just don't know what to write and i'm just soooo in love with KimuTaku and Buchou these days..hehe

note: image src from google and www.fbi-web.jp


Hemp Lip Protector From The Body Shop :)

Hellooo..Did you have a great friday night or sat night?? I hope you guys did :D
I spent my friday night together with partners from Indonesian Agricultural Sciences Association (IASA) holding a year end seminar. The keynote speech was delivered by a professor from The University of Tokyo who could speak in Indonesian language pretty well.  Besides, there was also a discussion panel with 3 Indonesian students as the speakers. Overall it was success. Many guests came even without registering first. We even ran out of chairs, but we could maintain to get more chairs for the guests. I think, besides those very competent speakers, the free consumption (bakso: Indonesian food) was one thing that attracted people too. But, since there were some enregistered guests, so not everybody got a bowl of bakso (neither did i. hiks)
Then, today i spent the day with Dhilla walking around Shibuya. We went to love first to look for good agendas for next year :) yeah i need to buy it as soon as possible cuz there are lots of plans, appointment, tec which need to be written down there. So, i bought it :D and also some stickers which are sooo cute..hehe..
Owyaa, right after me and Dhilla arrived at Shibuya, we  went to The Body Shop store. Dhilla wanted to buy a limited edition body lotion and i was just looking around. But then i found this "Hemp Lip Protector" which was described as intense moisturisation for dry and cracked lips. And i need that soo bad because i've always problems with my very dry lips. Even my friends were also being sooo much talkative when it came to my lips. So, the normal lip balm is not enough for me. hehe..
Well, it costs me more than the usual lip balm, but it's worth it. And it's also perfect for this cool season and of course for the soon coming winter season :) 


New Family Member :D

Wow, there's a new box from amazon! What is inside the box??

Ok, i won't wait for Edhika to open it. I'll cut the box and open it by myself!

Yosh, almost finish..but not discovered yet..

hmm, another box with ... wait, it looks like me!

Ooooohh, it's big sista! Welcome home :D
Hehehe..so what's happening recently? Yeah i got my mini danbo a big sister :D I'm really happy and loving them sooo much. At first mbak Rani was asking like 'what is that for??' when i told her that i just bought a new one. But, we all have to admit that these danbo are very very cute!!


Danbo Quartet Shared Love :D

Hi people :D
How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one, cuz i also had a great one which i spent together with friends and our danbo(s)..
Who doesn't like ice cream? Well, i guess maybe there're some of you who don't really like ice cream the way i do. I do really love ice cream!! a looott :D One of my favorite is Cookie Minster from Coldstone..hehehe
So, yesterday me, Dhilla, and Mbak Rani went to enjoy ice cream at Royal Host. I think the ice cream name was Chocola&Berry Parfaet.. It's limited for winter edition. And it's sooo yummy. It becomes one of my favorite ice cream at Royal Host after the Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae. 
Then, i went to Shinjuku with Dhilla, Akira, and Rama to see a popular landmark in Shinjuku and also winter illumination (this is one reason why i love winter, esp. December. Because there are lots of illuminations). Too bad i didn't checked my camera's battery before i went there. So i could only take few photos there until finally my camera was out of battery.
Anyway, good that i was able to take these photos. Enjoy :D

*ps: when we were sooo serious taking photos of our danbo, there was a foreigner (eerrr...well we were aslo foreigner since we're in Japan..hehe) who asked if we might know about devian art. Then she said she saw photos of danbo a lot there. And before she left, she took a photo of us and danbo :D


Indonesian Ambassador for Japan, Letter of Credentials, and Horse-Drawn Carriage ;)

So, today when i checked my facebook (on the newsfeed) i found my friend was sharing a video that was quite interesting. Then i watched the video and started wondering.
Here, first i'll share the video to you..

Then i knew that it had something to do with Letter of Credentials which was going to be delivered to  the Japanese Emperor, Emperor Akihito. But i wonder why Mr. Lutfi (Indonesian Ambassador) had to dress like that, moreover riding the horse-drawn carriage to the Imperial Palace? I really want to know the meaning behind them. hehehe.
So, if you're interested to know more about this, you may check Indonesian embassy's site at this link CLICK ME
Anyway, i'm gonna take JLPT today, wish me luck :D


you just don't care too much, and now that you're not the first to know, i won't feel sorry.


Itsumo Kokoro Ni, Aosora Wo.

Hi folks :)
How have you been doing? I wish everything's great. It's been so long since i wrote the last story from my daily life. Was i disappear? Of course not. hahaha. I was just too busy with school activities, project activities, and also leasure activities (LOL). 
During the timebeing i went to Tokyo Joypolis--a kind of amusement park in Odaiba and got  extremely dizzy after riding Power Sled (i was rolling for 720degree about 5 times!), then i had a chance to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 which was a really great movie, then , i also had a chance to go hiking to Mt. Takao last Saturday. Well, those were the leasure activities! and i won't tell you the other activities. ahahaha.
Anyway, what is that picture about? So, today i had a class. In that class, after the professor explain some materials of the class, he always shows us some videos each week. The video are mostly from NHK program called プロフェッショナル. The video that i watched today was about a Japanese woman who works as UNICEF Representative in Tajikistan. The content of the video was very touching and i was almost crying in the classroom (hiks..T_T). And i love one quote that the Japanese woman said..「いつも心に、青空を。」 which 'maybe' means always feel the blue sky in our heart.
Well, okay i think that's all that i want to talk about. 
And if you are interested to watch the video, you can access the video here ( it's in Japanese and i guess you need to pay around 315 yen to watch though, sorry).
So, have a good day all :D


A Lovely Couple I ♥

one of my favorite scenes, so touching, they're the best couple in Gossip Girl


Ied Mubarak (Ied Adha 1431H)

Hello everybody!! It's getting so cold day by day. And the weather today was one of the coldest days so far and believe me it's killing me so bad! I couldn't even differ is it autumn or winter already? hehehe. Then I finally caught a flu after a very very long time being a healthy teenage (i hope a-21-years-old-girl is still counted as a teenage ;p). Wish me get better so soon ;)
Well, anyway today i went to Indonesian School at Meguro, Tokyo to pray Idul Adha. Luckily i didn't have a class at all so i could celebrate the day with joy unlike last year :D
I went there together with almost all Indonesian students in my campus then we met other Indonesians there.
FYI, the pray was also attended by Indonesian Vice President Mr. Boediono and wife, and also some ministries of the country. One of them is Mr. Hatta Rajasa, the Ministry of Economic Affair, who also gave a khutbah after the pray. Somehow i felt thankful for ever seeing them directly here in Tokyo  *not only in TV ;p* (i also attended a meeting with the Vice President, Ministries, and also Indonesian Ambassador for Japan two days before). Because maybe i would never have that opportunity if i stayed in my own country. hehe.
Then after the celebration at Indonesian School over, me, Dhilla, Mbak Rani, Mas Asad, Rama, and Akira (too bad Ayu and Mamet who went together with us had to gome home earlier) went to Shibuya to eat Lamb curry :D Why Lamb curry?? I don't know for sure but celebrating Idul Adha doesn't feel complete without eating lamb!! hehehe..and i ♥ lamb curry!! ;9
We also tooks some purikura photos!! Yeayy \(^o^)/
So, again, Ied Mubarak friends! 


The 119th Nodai Harvest Festival

Hellooo people! I'm back after those tiring days starting from the preparation till the 2 and a half days of selling indonesian mie goreng at The 119th Nodai Harvest Festival. So, this is my second time joining the harvest festival, but what happened during this year's festival was soooo much different with the last year's. Lots of unpredictable situations happened. And the most unexpected thing was the number 14 typhoon, which then known as Chaba Typhoon, hit most of Japan's eastern area, including Kanto area. So, the second day of the festival was really hard. It was raining heavily, then the wind was also getting stronger since the typhoon was getting closer. Since i was in the promotion section, so i wore a raincoat  (thanks to Dhilla for lending me the raincoat ^^) and tried to promote mie goreng together with my promotion partner, Rama. Cold, wet, frustated (haha), a lil bit down, maybe that's how i felt on the second day. Moreover, on that day, we could only open the store until 12 pm, because of the typhoon. sigh. Then to attrack customer, we lowered the price from 300yen to 200yen. Even it's quite effective to attract customer, but we couldn't get so much profit because of it.
Anyway, overall, harvest festival this year, is all about training my muscles. hehehehehe. just kidding (but also true actually ;p).
*sorry i don't have any photos to post*


Danbo Duets

Mine, was playing with Dhilla's ;)


Slim Danbo

The danbo looks slim ;D
Anyway, again, i just try to post something because today is a good date ;)


Yeay, I finally bought some heart-shaped balloons yesterday :D Am gonna make a lovey-dovey project with those balloons. ahahahaha!
Wish i could finish that project idea around a month from now *a bit worried since my mood will be the main factor for it* 


Good To Share :D

Hey people, so i found this video on facebook when my friend, Dhilla shared it to everyone. Then i watched it and i thought that it would be nice if i also share this video here. 
Be prepared, guys..Because you might be surprised with the facts of this developed country.

Some facts about Japan, like the huge number of food that ended as garbage and the high number of suicide, are so ironic. But, for me who's now living in Tokyo, i feel so thankful to God because here i just feel like i'm home. Compared to my hometown, Bogor - Indonesia, i should admit that living in Tokyo is much more comfortable. I always feel safe, i don't care if i should go alone by train, i don't feel scare even if i have to go to new places by myself. That's soooo much different when i'm in Bogor. Honestly, during last summer holiday, which i spent in Bogor, i refused to use public transportation and prefer to drive a car by myself when i should travel alone after an incident on a public transportation called Angkot. Pickpockets are everywhere! I met them once in the beginning of my holiday in Bogor, luckily i could save my own self, eventhough i got scary stares from the pickpockets right after.
Yeah, anyway you may say a country is strange in one perspective. But, no matter how strange Japan is, i still love it :)

*additional picture for you who don't have any idea how an Angkot looks like..
got the image from here


My Momma Said

Hi all ;) Since today has a unique date which may only happen once a lifetime *because i don't assume that i will still be alive 100 years later ;p*, so i decided that i have to post anything here on my blog. hehehe. Luckily, i got this motivation words from my mom this morning, so i have something  to post. yeay :D Actually this sentence was a comment from my mom on my fb's status. hehe.
So, it began with my mom's trip to US *which i think she's up there now on the plane flying to Singapore first*. She will be staying in US for about 3 months till the end of december. What is she doing there? Well, she got a kind of scholarship for 3 months course at Cornell University. I was hoping that i could go there, too on my winter vacation so i could spend a week-mom-and-daughter-time. haha. But with lots of considering, i just think maybe not now. I don't have the money to buy ticket yet though ;p
Then my mom said those motivational words to me. Yes, mom. I wish i'll find my own way to go around the world, just like you :D 
Love you mom


It's Too Random ;p

Hi all ;) How's your day so far? Actually i'm having a long weekend till monday, but too lazy to go out somewhere because the weather isn't so great. I thought i could still enjoy the day in some other ways, but unfortunately there were some circumtances which blew up my temper a bit. huh. Yes, this is one of my bad point, quite temperamental. 
Anyway, in order to be happy again, i visited a blog which tells about a girl's daily life.  She's a 4 years old girl, Indonesian nationality, but was born and has been spending most of her lifetime here in Tokyo. There are some videos of her recorded by her mom. I find it's kinda odd, but seeing a little kid could  always be one effective way to gain positive energy. hehehe.
Then somehow, i promise myself that someday when i have my own child, i will try to record lots of videos of her/his as many as possible :D *well,  it's still long way to go anyway since i don't know when and with whom i'll be getting married in the future*


Danbo Attack ;p

my Danbo were playing together with Dhilla's and Akira's :D


An Inspirational Youth

Here i'll share to you a video by Shopia Baker-French, a Canadian who participated as one of the presenters in the 10th International Student Summit at Tokyo University of Agriculture last thursday and friday. This video was shown by her during her presentation session. She was so inspiring, a youth who has found her vision in her life through a voluntary activity at Agora cafe and the farm. I really like her way of thinking and also the way she expressed her opinion, etc. She's just the way too smart. Am wondering if i could be as smart as her.


Jari Lentik :D

I had a really busy week, compared to many other weeks that already passed. It's kinda rare because i don't actually like being too busy for a whole week. But it's not just about being busy, but i can't sleep as much as i usually do. Some people say i'm more like a baby cuz i sleep a lot. hehehe.
So this week was started by having full row of classes on monday, then dance practicing every night which really made me feel tired everyday, replacing my friend for doing a part time job at the computer center, guiding a guest from my home country, attending international student summit for two days, taking the same guest i mentioned before to the airport limousine bus which was heading to narita airport, then finally today performing the dance which i had been practicing for about two weeks during my vacation in indonesia and for the last few days. The performance was great i could say. We're satisfied because in only 4 days, we should re-arrange the dance's choreography and it was quite hard, but we could make it. yeay ;) Btw, the dance that we performed called as Belibis Dance from bali..
We were performing as volunteers in an event held by some volunteers under HandsOn Tokyo group. We perfomed at a kind of nursing home, where most of the residants were sooooo old. I felt so happy when i saw those happy faces of the residants when they enjoyed our dance performance.
Well, btw, i performed together with dhilla and mbak rani (whom has invited me and dhilla to join her dancing team). I'm so happy eventhough i'm also tired to the max.
Anyway, here is a photo of us which we took at a photobooth after the event finished. Unfortunately i can't share any photos when we were dancing because there're some privacy regulations in the event.


When Everybody Should Stop


Look at the traffic lights. They were all red at the same time.
Of course, it wasn't because there was en error. Nope. Hey, it's Japan! ;p
There were actually festival parades crossing the road there :D


My Dear Little Danbo :D

after a long sleep
try to lift up my head
uhm? where am i?
well, let's just take a walk ;)
So, it is my mini-danbo which i ordered about a month ago. But since it was out of stock at that time, so i just got it delivered yesterday. I'm so happy!! I can't wait to play with my dear little danbo. And i wish i could have another one, which has bigger size than the one that i just got. Anyone would want to be kind enough to buy me one? hehehehe..


Happy Ied All ;)

Sorry for all of the mistakes i've done ;)


dududududuuu.. ;(

Even coming home can not be the way to solve the problems...
Currently stressful ;'(



Two days ago, my brother read Pancasila in front of me. Then it made me remember a day few weeks ago, when i was having dinner together with dhilla, rama, and akira. On that day, just like usual, we talked about lots of things, we laughed at everything that we thought was funny. I forget why we started to talk about Pancasila, what i remember is that we tried to mention all the points of Pancasila but none of us could tell perfectly. What is Pancasila actually? Some of you might be wondering if you're not Indonesian. Pancasila is the official philosophical foundation of the Indonesian state (based on wikipedia's explanation ;p). When we were still in elementary school until high school, we regularly heard Pancasila being read every week during flag ceremony at our schools. But since we hadn't had flag ceremony for years, we rarely heard someone read Pancasila. Thus, we couldn't recall it easily ;p
So, here i post the points of Pancasila with the hope that i won't forget them ;)


I Still Can Drive!

Yess, since i arrived at home a week ago, i haven't tried to drive even once. I was afraid because i haven't been driving for a year. But today i finally forced myself to drive again because i should take my mom to some places.
Yeayy happy happy that i still remember how to drive a car :) 
Anyway how's your fasting, friends? I hope you're all doing fine. I gotta go! Bye ;)


I Belong To The Air

-- Mr. President from the movie of Independence Day

Things Can Be So Surprising

Yeah it is definitely true that things can be very surprising. Sometimes we never know that something could happen in a way that we have never imagined before. Things has been surprising for me these days. And i'm happy ;)

*sorry that for posting such a random post like this ;p*


My Little Brother ;)

My little brother did something funny so that it made me laugh. Of course you know cooling pad for notebook, don't you? As we know there's a built in fan in the cooling pad. And what was so funny about my brother is, instead of using the cooling pad to cool down the notebook, he used the cooling pad as an electric fan for himself. hehehe. What a smart act done by an 8 years old boy ;p


Home Sweet Home

Hi all ;) Finally i have time to post something here. I just arrived at my home in Indonesia on August 10th, 2010 after having total 13 hours trip from Tokyo, Narita - Kuala Lumpur - Jakarta. Yeah i should stay at Kuala Lumpur for 5 hours to wait for the connecting flight to Jakarta. Over all it was a nice trip. On time flight, quite good weather, good food, and also great trip partner, Dila ;) FYI, i went home by Malaysian Airlines *great impression for the first ride with this airlines*
Otsukare Dilaaaa :) Let's have a great time during holiday at home! hehehe.
What was the first impression when i arrived at Jakarta? It was my brother who i met for the very first time after i've taken all my baggages. He was different! I didn't even noticed at the first  time that he was my brother. LOL. Yeah now he's taller and his skin has gotten darker. Pretty much different from the last time i saw him.
Anyway happy holiday :D


Danbo And The Cheerful Sunflower :D

Finally i could finish making this danbo *eventhough now it's already broken, because i put it in my bag. huh*. And finally i could take some photos of sunflower! Yeahh, i really like sunflower. For me, this sunflower brings a cheerful feeling. Maybe because of its bright color.
Anyway i will be going back to Indonesia for summer holiday...tomorrow! Yes tomorrow! I'm so excited yet a bit lazy to pack my luggage. hehehehe. I just can't wait to see my family, my bf, and my friends too :D 


Dream Bear

This is the teddy bear that i talked about in one of my posts *click* before when i reviewed about my weekend. Wish someone would buy me one someday ;)


Weird Feeling ;p

Yes, i'm having a weird feeling now. You might be wondering what the weird feeling is. Hehe. Ok, i'll tell you. Don't worry ;p
As you might have noticed from few posts before that i'm currently having my final exams week. Actually i was studying until few minutes before, then i felt this weird feeling. I don't know if i ever felt this way before or not. hahaha. Somehow studying makes me happy! It's weird, isn't it? Or is it only me who think that it's weird. Well, anyway maybe the next time i feel sad or upset, i should try to find something to study about ;p


Bla Bla Bla

So, you do hate me, you hate what i posted here. If that's the case, just don't even bother to come and read. Go away!


Wish You a Great Wedding ;)

That picture above is the wedding invitation of my bf's sister who is getting married today. I really wish i could go and congratulate them directly. And i also want to be there because my bf said that all the decoration and stuff would be colored purple and pink, which i love a lot. But it's just the way too far from here. Well, at least my mom just called and told me that she would go to the wedding party with my dad and my brother-sister. I was kinda surprised at the first time when i heard that my dad would go along because these recent years my dad rarely went to such wedding parties.
Anyway, wish you a great wedding teh sarah and could live happily ever after with your husband ;)


Random Thought

Hello, people! I'll have japanese exam in an hour but i can't resist from writing what i thought just now. 
So, i don't know why but suddenly i started to think about relationship between two people (yes a boy and a girl). I wonder what makes a couple could stay together for a very very long time. They don't even married yet. But why? I know it's such a stupid question, but just wondering. Okay, lets say, me and my bf have been together for almost 4 years. What makes us stick to each other that long? Is it pure because of what-they-call-LOVE? Yeah, no doubt that i love my bf. That's something that doesn't need to be questioned. But is it possible that a couple stay together, not because they love each other but more because they need each other? What i mean by 'need' here is, for example, because you've been together quite long, you've been through a lot of things together, you've done many things together, then those what have happened make you have this 'what will my life be without him/her?' thought/feeling.
And if that's really happening, is it right to keep a relationship like that? Well, for this question, i have a weird feeling actually. Somehow i wanna know the answer, but i feel like i don't wanna know too. 
Hmm..this thing called love and things related to it sometimes are sooo confusing. 
Anyway, wish me luck for the exam ;)


Chaos Theory

from the movie The Butterfly Effect



a picture taken at Disney Sea Japan, July 19th 2010