Koinobori and Tokyo Skytree

Last year on the same day, May 5th, I posted pictures of Koinobori at the feet of the Tokyo Tower. This year, today, I went to another tower in Tokyo, the Tokyo Skytree.



I think I mentioned in my earlier post that I've got a new celebrity crush. He is Suda Masaki, a Japanese actor who acted in many Japanese movies or dramas I have watched but did not really get my attention until I watched one of his movies titled "Oboreru Knife (溺れるナイフ), or Drowning Love" in November last year. Oboreru knife is a shojo manga based movie. Normally, I don't get easily attached to such movies because obviously they are just waaaay too cheesy. However, I was surprised with the impression I had when I watched Oboreru knife, and I literally went to watch it again. Suda's portrayal of Ko in the movie left a very strong impression on me.
Anyway, not limited to movies and dramas, he also appears in many Japanese tv ads and this year, his singing performances were announced, ones for a movie about a Japanese band - GReeeeN and one for a Japanese ads, which I am sharing on this post. It is an ad made by one of Japanese mobile service, famous with its Japanese folklore "Santaro" ads. Suda also appears in some of the ads series as Oni-chan, or the evil. This ad is part of the series as well, made specially to support Japan national soccer team in the Asian qualification for the world cup. What do you think? Don't you think he sings quite well considering he is not a singer?


Wait, What?!

Only 10 mins left before January 2017 ends. Wait, has it been that long since new year and yet I still haven't upload the post I had promised in the previous post. Anyway, I have picked up some photos that I would post so I guess I can only hope I am not too lazy to finally get going because definitely there are still many traveling stories on the waiting list to be posted.

Been busy, both at work and private life (which partly due to new fangirl-ing activities to my new celebrity crush :p). Been hoping to gain enough motivation to exercise since I have lost control of my weight. The numbers have piled up for many more than enough. LOL.