HNY 2015!

Hello! It's 2015!

How did you guys spend new year's eve? I stayed in my room and suffered by toothache. But in the afternoon, I finally decided to let go and sold both my dslr and pocket camera. I haven't been using my dslr for so long that it made me thinking to sell it. I came to think that the end of the year would be a nice timing to finally say good bye.

Anyway, there are many to do within this month, and exciting things are waiting ahead! I just hope that everything will go smoothly. Amiinn.

Here's a photo from my new camera *yup, I got a new replacement camera*. Just a very quick shot in a very crowded Omotesando's Cat Street. I usually enjoy this area on weekday when there're not so many people so it feels relaxing. Today it was so crowded that I barely enjoy my walk there. But, since I got what I was looking for, it was good in the end :p

Recently, bicycle rental services have been growing in Tokyo. I also found one in Parco, Shibuya.