The Hunting Is Over (hopefully)!

The Hunting? What did I hunt for? Maybe some of you are wondering, but no, it's not about hunting a prospective husband to be :p Well, I wish I'd have worked on that, too since my parents have started bringing the topic up recently.
So, it's about job hunting. I've been spending the past 6 months for preparations and the job hunting itself. I had that moment when I was a bit disappointed and frustrated for failing several times and decided to take a distance for a while from all the stuff related to job hunting. But then, after having a nice getaway to my home country, I regained my determination and confidence and actually worked it out :D And the most grateful thing was that I even had the choices :)
However, turned out making the right choice was not an easy thing to do. Too much stuff to consider. Well, maybe it's because of my personality so that I tend to think too much when it comes to choices. Simply because I don't want to regret it later. I don't know whether the choice I made is what best for me but I hope it is.
Anyway, I'll still be around in Japan after my graduation next year! Inshaa Allah :)