iPhoneography Series: Autumn 2014

Actually there're many random stuff that I'd like to write here, but I'm too lazy to type everything down. -,-
So I'll just post some photos I took this season and put them in iPhoneography series :) Perhaps I'll make a regular posting on this series in the future! As indicated in the series name, these photos were taken with and edited using an iPhone camera.


Evolution of Iphone Camera

Been neglecting this blog for some time, but hey I am back! :)

So today I would make a post about one of the lovely feature from iPhone, which is the camera. Whether you are a photography enthusiast who love to capture beautiful landscapes and historical landmarks on your journey, or basically you just love to take selfies, camera feature in your phone would be a great tool to count on.
I am not necessarily an Apple's products freak, but I should admit I have and been using some of its products. And iPhone is one of them. Honestly I was not a fan of the early generation of iPhone. I started to consider of buying one after the release of iPhone 4. And that's when I started using an Apple's iPhone. I was using it for more than two years without upgrading to newer version, the 4s and 5. Actually I had those moments when I started to consider about getting an iPhone 5, simply because I saw a great improvement in the camera feature. But, well it seems like I was much more realistic than I thought that I decided not to buy it because I thought my iPhone 4 was still decent enough.
However, ahead of iPhone 5s release, I began to feel that my phone had gotten slower, slower, and slower and I hated the low quality photos (LOL). So, yes, I finally got my iPhone 5s and of course improved speed, gold color, and better camera succeed in making me satisfied with my new phone.
Well, now the newer versions are there in the market already, but I am not planning to get one anytime soon. First reason, I am not impressed with the size! Why Apple decided to make it bigger like that? If they would launch the Plus, why bother make the regular size bigger?! Maybe it's just my personal taste since I have relatively small palms :p
Anyway, now here is the talk about the iPhone camera evolution. But I am not the one who is gonna do it because someone already did! Lucky you! :)
Here is the link to the article written by Lisa Bettany (her site is on my 'worth to check' list btw). She did comparison from the first generation until the newest one (iPhone 6).
And to ended the post, enjoy this pic I took with iPhone 5s camera in Hitachi Seaside Park last week :) Ciao!


When Sorry Isn't As Easy As It Is

This video shows an irony that is happening in our society. Everybody might think saying sorry sounds to be an easy thing to do. But apparently, it may not be the case for some people. Even for me, maybe there were some times when I was reluctant to say sorry for any simple, unnecessary reasons.
So it is also a good reminder to myself. To have a broad heart and to try letting go every reason which may hold me back from saying sorry.

And for my moslem friends especially, Ramadhan this year will only last for few more days. Let's pray more, let's do more good deeds! Let's pray that our sisters and brothers in Palestine could also spend the rest of Ramadhan and welcome Eid al-Fitr peacefully.


The Hunting Is Over (hopefully)!

The Hunting? What did I hunt for? Maybe some of you are wondering, but no, it's not about hunting a prospective husband to be :p Well, I wish I'd have worked on that, too since my parents have started bringing the topic up recently.
So, it's about job hunting. I've been spending the past 6 months for preparations and the job hunting itself. I had that moment when I was a bit disappointed and frustrated for failing several times and decided to take a distance for a while from all the stuff related to job hunting. But then, after having a nice getaway to my home country, I regained my determination and confidence and actually worked it out :D And the most grateful thing was that I even had the choices :)
However, turned out making the right choice was not an easy thing to do. Too much stuff to consider. Well, maybe it's because of my personality so that I tend to think too much when it comes to choices. Simply because I don't want to regret it later. I don't know whether the choice I made is what best for me but I hope it is.
Anyway, I'll still be around in Japan after my graduation next year! Inshaa Allah :)   


What Kind of Future I'm Gonna Make?

Yes, what kind of future I'm gonna make? Instead of what does future have to offer? Because it won't offer anything unless we start doing something by ourselves, don't you think so?

Honestly, I had been going with the flow a lot at least until few years ago, but now that I've reached mid-twenties I know I couldn't just be like that. I need to have future plans.
So there I was making some plans for few years ahead. Actually it would be ideal if I could include marriage into my plans but I didn't and yet still don't have any idea about how to work on that. So, the simplest yet most important thing is to decide on what I'm gonna do after graduation. I decided that I'm gonna find a job. Yes, that sounds simple. But turns out it is not as simple as it is. I was once so firm about the image of my plans but recently it starts to shake. Now I have more doubts whether it will be fine or should I change my plans. But I know, I think it's because the journey I have to make towards my plans isn't as smooth as I wish it'll be. That's why I became unsure. The only think I should do now is to keep on trying to get to the place I want to be and have faith that the best is yet to come! :D
picture from here.
Btw, the past few days in Tokyo have been so cold and feel like it's turning back to winter again. Oh well! Take care wherever you are buddies! Chiao!


Note To Self

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.” 
– Kurt Vonnegut 

It's been a while since the last time I did some blog-walkings and I found this quote on Diana Rikasari's blog. It got me thinking about lots of stuff. :|


What's Up!?

The past weeks were unbelievably crazy, so hectic that I got lost on dates and days, and the peak was last Friday when I felt I might break down physically. And now it's March already! It feels like when January ended it jumped right through March. WOW!
Thank God I survived and the adventures aren't over yet.
I really want spring to come soon~! I'm not okay with the continuing cold weather anymore :|
Anyway, here is a pic of early cherry blossoms that I saw few days ago around the neighborhood :D


Nice Reminder: YOU Are More Beautiful Than You Think!

Long story short, I stumbled across this video of Dove brand marketing. I don't necessarily mean to promote the product because I'm not a user at the moment. What I want to share is the message which it's trying to deliver. It seems that this video hit millions plays on youtube and became quite a news that I wasn't realized until just now.
Okey, take your time and have a look :)


Hello 2014! Hello New Harvest Moon Series :D

Hello everyone! It's been almost a week after the year changed to 2014. Honestly I'm still in the mood of holiday but there's no time to laze around anymore.
How was your new year's eve? I spent mine with a little adventure (LOL) and it was great!
Btw if any of you are fans of Harvest Moon (yes, the game!), there will be a new Harvest Moon game for Nintendo 3DS released in February :D I can't wait!