Seize The Day

"... yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not yet here, and today is your only chance to make a difference. If you make the most of today then you will live your life to the fullest.
We should see each day as a present and an opportunity. Every minute is valuable because you can use it to enjoy life, to get something started or to get something completed. The present moment is the only time in history that you can use to do good and to change the world for the better – no matter how big or small." Bernard Marr
Most people are making use of Linkedin as the media to create professional networks. But actually we could also find good readings there. I used to love reading a lot but along the way it has been very difficult for me to completely reading a book. So, instead of forcing myself to read a book, I usually try to at least read articles, editorials, etc. And turns out that Linkedin could be one of the great sources.

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