My 5th Autumn

Who would have known that I would stay this long in Japan. And now I'm embracing the beauty of autumn for the fifth time here. The first two pictures were taken at a nearby park from where I live at the beginning of this month. Many of the leaves were still green at that time, but one big tree right in front of the park had orange leaves already. The two pictures that follow were taken around last week at the top of Mt. Takao. The leaves were literally red! The view was incredibly pretty as it was sunny, too.
The four pictures below were taken during my afternoon walk today around the neighborhood. I'm not sure whether you have ever seen any or not, but me and many of my friends who also live in Japan, we all love taking pictures of our feet (well, shoes..) and fallen leaves around us. If you can't get what I mean, you can see the pictures below. I think I've been taking that kind of pictures at least one each year. But taking similar pictures all the time might be boring, so I love to also put "uniqueness" to each frame. Anyway, having an afternoon walk in this season is the best! It feels so much better than afternoon walks in spring or in summer and I prefer not to have one in winter :p haha!
The sad thing is that it will be rainy tonight, so perhaps many of those pretty leaves would be swept away by the rain. Hiks.

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