It's November, Already?!

Back then I was always excited when November came. Why? Because it's my birth month. Although I didn't always have party to celebrate my birthday, but little things like an envelope with some money inside from dad, treats from mom, birthday wishes from best friends, things that somehow were ordinary but felt so special because of the moment, had always been what I excited for.

Things have changed, in a way. I've gotten older, almost reaching my mid-20s. When November comes, the first thing gets in mind is "how time flies so fast". There're only two months left before new year yet there's a feeling that what I've done is far from many. I wish there's still plenty of time left. But, actually if we see it in a positive way, there're still 61 days before the year ends. So, there're still around 1426 hours to do great!

Welcome November! :D

Decoration at the main gate of Tokyo University of Agriculture for Harvest Festival.
November 1st-3rd.

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