Vlog from Last February's Holiday

February?! Yes, February guys! I know it's pretty outdated but I finally got the chance to process the video clips into one recently and share it with everyone who want to see it.
These clips were taken when I and other Indonesians from PPI Nodai went to Kawaguchiko area for a trip. We rented a cottage which turned out to be much better than I expected. It was extremely cold though. At first I wasn't really excited about the trip but then I was glad that I could put unpleasant feeling aside and enjoyed the trip. It was fun.
I'm also glad that I actually made my camera recorded some moments during the trip. I like that when we keep the camera running and incidentally capture funny moments, as for in this video for example when Kidu and Uki fell down like a domino effect. That was a kind of precious moment that we may not always encounter.
In the beginning of the video we were trying to recall what CANON's slogan/tagline is. After I searched in google, apparently there are some different tagline-s. "Delighting You Always" "Make It Possible With Canon" and "Advanced Simplicity" are among them. Talking about canon, I actually used my canon powershot camera to shoot these clips.
Anyway, here is the video. I hope you guys could feel the excitement too! :D
*ps: I finally made a very short intro video to my vlog hehe :p

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