Love for Shoes

"Women have this obsession with shoes," Alexandra Paul
As many as other ladies out there in the world, I do love fashion items! Although I may not be so stylist in my everyday look, in fact I tend to be simple, but it doesn't pull me away from the excitements when I see a pretty dress, a nice bag or a gorgeous pair of shoes.

But I should admit that I might have more love for shoes than any other fashion items. I remember when I was a high school student, there're many times when I wanted a pair of shoes so bad that I had to persuade my parents to buy me ones. Of course my parents didn't buy me each time I started to persuade them. First, there're no as many occasions to put those shoes on. Second, my parents wanted to tell me that I should learn to think of the poor who may not have a decent pair of shoes at all.

Now that I've started to earn my own money, sometimes I just couldn't help myself when I have to face pretty shoes at the stores. But I have a principle about shoes, I wouldn't trade comfort for beauty! So no matter how beautiful a shoes is, if it hurts to put on, then leave it at all. I've experienced fails about this though. There were times when I put the shoes on at the store, it felt fine even when I tried to walk around with both sides on. But when I put them in real life, doing everyday stuff, then when it passed afternoon my feet would start to itching. It's either because there's a blister on my foot or the heels were just damn uncomfortable. Sometimes in the worst case, I would end up to never put these shoes on again. That is why, I've been extra careful when choosing a pair of shoes. I don't want to waste money for nothing.

So, who doesn't have love for shoes? :p

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