Last Sunday, June 9th, I went hiking with some of the anthropology class members. We went to Mt. Takao and Mt. Kobotoke Shiroyama. The professor told us that we walked for around 10 kilometres in total that day! Weeew, no wonder that my feet are still tired even today. Hahaha. So, let me share the adventure through the video below. Enjoy! :)


Love for Shoes

"Women have this obsession with shoes," Alexandra Paul
As many as other ladies out there in the world, I do love fashion items! Although I may not be so stylist in my everyday look, in fact I tend to be simple, but it doesn't pull me away from the excitements when I see a pretty dress, a nice bag or a gorgeous pair of shoes.

But I should admit that I might have more love for shoes than any other fashion items. I remember when I was a high school student, there're many times when I wanted a pair of shoes so bad that I had to persuade my parents to buy me ones. Of course my parents didn't buy me each time I started to persuade them. First, there're no as many occasions to put those shoes on. Second, my parents wanted to tell me that I should learn to think of the poor who may not have a decent pair of shoes at all.

Now that I've started to earn my own money, sometimes I just couldn't help myself when I have to face pretty shoes at the stores. But I have a principle about shoes, I wouldn't trade comfort for beauty! So no matter how beautiful a shoes is, if it hurts to put on, then leave it at all. I've experienced fails about this though. There were times when I put the shoes on at the store, it felt fine even when I tried to walk around with both sides on. But when I put them in real life, doing everyday stuff, then when it passed afternoon my feet would start to itching. It's either because there's a blister on my foot or the heels were just damn uncomfortable. Sometimes in the worst case, I would end up to never put these shoes on again. That is why, I've been extra careful when choosing a pair of shoes. I don't want to waste money for nothing.

So, who doesn't have love for shoes? :p