Fried Rice Nugget

Another food that I also ordered from Bu Tutik was onion chicken nugget. Then I decided to make fried rice and arranged it together with the nuggets and to give a little color, I added broccoli. Yumm :9 In the end I ate more fried rice than the portion that I put on the plate haha. 



Recently I learned that by being confident about yourself would help to make people be more respectful and appreciative to you. Of course, we should make sure not to be over confident. :)


What I Had for Dinner :9

I recently ordered Dendeng Balado (Indonesian cuisine) to someone called Bu Tutik. I've never met her, but many of my friends in facebook had ordered from her so I wanted to try it too. And it's delicious! It's spicy just as what I expected.

As a part of promoting her products and to make her customers enjoy her services, she asks her customers to post a photo of food arrangement, it could be inside a lunch box or on a plate, which consists at least one of her cooking. So, I cooked the spinach and carrot soup plus added a glass of smoothies to make it more colorful :D 

New Blog Title :D

Hi friends!

For you who have been here before, as you can see yourself that I just changed my blog title from puzzle of life to Not your Home. Puzzle of life had been the title since this blog was first created in 2009. But, I suddenly had the idea to change it yesterday! There's no specific reason for it, but since this blog isn't that popular, making such a big change wouldn't be a big deal. haha.

Along with the change, of course I have to change the header picture,  too. So I decided to come with a whole different look from the old one. I hope you like it :) I also plan to change the background picture, but I'll use this one for a while until I find another one. About the contents, basically nothing's gonna change, will still be around my daily life.

And, for you who is new here :) Welcome to Not your Home! As written on the blog tagline above, it's my freespace and you're free to come as well to leave a comment :) 


Sundays Recently

Almost every Sunday, recently, I begin the day with confusion on what to do. Having to go to school and work from Monday to Saturday makes me want to make the most of my Sunday to chill and relax. But, somehow it makes me wonder on how I should spend my Sunday. Whether by being a lazy girl, staying the whole day in my room so that at least I can rest my body or going out somewhere, maybe to a shopping center so that I could be entertained.
Today, I decided to have my skin treated by scrubbing. I just realized it's been so long since the last time I did that. Then, when the sun shine started to get softer, changed by the cloudy sky, I decided to go to a shop to buy Indonesian noodle, Indomie. I haven't eat it for months so I kinda miss it. Although it's not a healthy food but I should say it's delicious. haha. To buy this Indomie, I should take a train to go to the shop! But it's okay because it's not so far. Then I rode the train back to the nearest station to my dorm and drop by a 100 yen shop to buy sink garbage disposal net for the kitchen sink at my dorm room. Just right after that the drizzle started to pour and I rushed my bicycle so that I could be at the dorm before the rain pour more.
Hahaha. What a Sunday diary.


Note To Self

There's so much to be grateful for.



Normally, editing a picture into a BW one is out my preference. Let this time be an exception.

On The Road to Becoming An Adult

I've always knew that eventually I'll go through things where I feel 'Oh God, is it an adult's world?!' or some sorts of thoughts like that. I won't lie I'm definitely excited for the adulthood but not looking forward to it so soon as I think I might not be ready for anything. Things that I did not understand or I did not even know back then.
But here I am, nearly in my mid twenties, I know I can't avoid it. I can't say I don't wanna be an adult anymore. It's time to face reality! haha.
Any decision that I make from now on regarding my life, even a little decision, might bring me to a whole different future. I just hope to be wise each time I'm gonna pass a crossroad.

-random thought on a sunny sunday-