Graduation Yeay!

Finally I officially finished my undergraduate study last March 20th. Felt so blessed and happy that I got to spend the day with my family (minus my dad though because he refused to come --") and friends. The happy moment became more wonderful because of them :D
At the university where I studied, students who are graduating for undergraduate and graduate schools do not wear graduation toga like at most universities in Indonesia or other countries. But there is a custom for female students (especially the undergrads one) to wear kimono and hakama (袴). In the past two years, my Indonesian female seniors wore Kebaya. Then I thought it would be nice to wear kebaya because it would let people know about Indonesian traditional clothing. But kebaya isn't specifically worn for graduation. We can wear it for other events or occasions. I wanted to wear something indicating graduation, you know, for the sake of special memory :p That's why I chose to wear hakama :D It's common for Japanese students to rent hakama from rental shops. Although they're Japanese, not everyone of them has kimono and hakama because they're expensive. So I also visited the rental shop which was cooperating with the university. I chose a simple kimono, which was cheap, but was the only one available at the campus so that I wouldn't be worried that I'll run into another girl who wears the same kimono. And I chose a simple hakama, too which has some sakura flowers in the bottom part. I registered the rental even when it was around half year before graduation day! hahaha. I hadn't even started writing my undergrad thesis by then :p I might seem to be over confident about that, but hey, that could be my motivation to finish everything :D
I was already happy with everything until one day in February, my advisor told me casually that my final GPA is the highest in the department. At that time, I think it's okay to feel even happier but since he told me so very casually so there's still a part in my mind that thought well he might be kidding or whatever. hahaha. But two weeks before graduation day, the official letter from university came and informed me that I got 「国際バイオビジネス学科 成績優秀特別賞」. 
So, here are some pictures from the graduation day :)  
Me wearing hakama :)
Mom, brother, sister
Nodai family
Receiving the award from Univ President
Yeay :D
With some Japanese friends
Guys from the same laboratory
PPI Nodai graduates and family
Me and a friend who always be there, Dhilla :) Thank you for the Duffy!
With my sexy friends! Hahaha Gonna miss you all!
Girls from the same laboratory and my advisor :D
Me giving my graduation speech for the first time ever!
Me and my lovely Joyce
Guys from many other parts of the world :D haha
Yeay our laboratory's graduates!


dhilla said...

sooo happy for you on your big day~ :)

Zhafirah said...

congratulation for your graduation :D