Lazy Blogger

When I look at my blog archive, it is shown how I've became so lazy updating my blog. In 2012, I only posted about 1 or 2 posts in each month. In the first month of this year, too, I ended up with only posted 1 post.
Actually I don't consider myself as a blogger from the beginning. This blog is only a place where I could write something about what I want to talk about. It can be one of my diaries, or whatever, it doesn't even have to have a clear name or description. It's just my free space. I have freedom on what I want to share, I have freedom on when to post something, no rules! :D
Not coming up with any post recently doesn't mean that my life has getting less interesting. Not at all! Actually everyone's lives must be interesting as long as one realizes. As for me, sometimes there're too many things that I end up being confused on where to start. haha! I know too many excuses :p
Gotta try to post more, for my own sake cuz I don't think there's someone else who actually reads my blog posts :p

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