"Balon Udara" at Different Places

First of all i'd like to thank Sherina for singing "Balon Udara" years ago! It has became one of my favorite songs. Grateful that in my generation, there are lots of great kids' songs sang by Sherina, Joshua, Trio Kwek-kwek, etc. Then some years after that kids started to sing love songs. But I heard, in the recent "Idola Cilik" tv program, they've been singing kids songs again! Cool! I wish kids nowadays in Indonesia could enjoy more songs which are appropriate to their ages.

Btw, often when I travel to different places, and realize at how great the weather is, I could feel that there's an urge to sing "Balon Udara". Started from last year trip to Kamakura, we recorded a video of us singing the song. So these are some videos..hehehe..
Just for fun!


Lazy Blogger

When I look at my blog archive, it is shown how I've became so lazy updating my blog. In 2012, I only posted about 1 or 2 posts in each month. In the first month of this year, too, I ended up with only posted 1 post.
Actually I don't consider myself as a blogger from the beginning. This blog is only a place where I could write something about what I want to talk about. It can be one of my diaries, or whatever, it doesn't even have to have a clear name or description. It's just my free space. I have freedom on what I want to share, I have freedom on when to post something, no rules! :D
Not coming up with any post recently doesn't mean that my life has getting less interesting. Not at all! Actually everyone's lives must be interesting as long as one realizes. As for me, sometimes there're too many things that I end up being confused on where to start. haha! I know too many excuses :p
Gotta try to post more, for my own sake cuz I don't think there's someone else who actually reads my blog posts :p


Me On TV!

Hahahaha well literally yes I was on Japanese tv quite a while ago. But it's not that I had a significant presence there, I was only one of the spectators who were obliged to create noises and fun atmosphere.
So, there's one of my favorite japanese tv show, which is hosted by my favorite japanese idol group, named VS Arashi.
As I mentioned in a post before that getting to Arashi's concert is really hard, and even if we happend to get into one, the seat might be too far from the guys that we can't really see them closely. So, I decided that one of alternatives to see them closely is by participating in one of their tv show.
When we join the Arashi family club, we could apply for participating in their tv show by being the spectator. Although many said that it's even harder than getting a concert ticket. But since tv show recordings are held quite many times in a year, I really thought that I should give it a try!!
Then I started to apply frequently every month since last November. Actually, Arashi has three tv shows, but I decided to consistently apply only to one of the show, which is VS Arashi. The reason is that I simply love it so much, I actually really want to try the games. I tried one, though, the dual curling one last summer :)
And finally! Last month, I got the confirmation mail that I could join the recording. :D
At first I was worried whether they would let me in or not, cuz when we're doing the application procedure, we didn't have to submit photo or etc. So it means that they don't know that I'm wearing headcover.
But, luckily they let me in, although they moved my seat because if i sit on my real seat, i would be very stand out. 
For me, it doesn't matter. Even from my seat, I could see all Arashi members clearly! That was  my motivation after all :D I even had an eye contact with Ohno-san :D It was a very nice of him! Because, we the spectators, are not allowed to communicate with Arashi members and the guests too.
By the way the episode which I joined had already been aired on January 24.
Then, today, when I scrolled down through tumblr post with arashi tag, I saw a scene of the episode where i was captured! hahahaha
So funny seeing it over someone's tumblr post!