Shocking Jolt

Friday afternoon around 17:29 JST, when I just realized that i had fallen asleep, suddenly the earthquake warning application in my phone said that an earthquake was about to come and the same announcement was also coming from the television. I jumped off from my bed, holding to it, and there it came the quake. The jolt was getting stronger and stronger, but it wasn't as strong as the one happened on March last year though. I was panic, I grabbed my jacket in case I needed to escape from the building, and I don't know why but I grabbed my pillow too! (panic is funny sometimes).
Then I heard the announcement from the tv that there's a tsunami warning in Miyagi pref. And the announcer was saying something like 'remember last year disaster, evacuate yourself as fast as possible!' and all of the sudden I couldn't hold my tears! I cried like a baby over the fear of the same disaster that might happen. I know maybe I was a bit of overreacting, but really, I do think I have a kind of trauma ever since last year disaster.
But Thanks GOD, hours later the tsunami warning was canceled, but we still need to be alert in case another earthquake happens.
Look at this picture I grabbed from Japan Meteorological Agency! More than half of Japan felt the quake.
I hope we'll be alright. No more earthquake please...