Pumpkin and Paprika Galette

So, me and Dhilla recently registered for cake and bread lessons at abc cooking. And today we just had our first lesson where we learned how to make pumpkin and paprika galette. So excited for more lessons :)


Another 11.11

Hello friends! So today remarks that i've been living in this amazing world for 23 years. But, today doesn't tell me nor you how much time i have left to enjoy every second of it, how much i have left to make the best of it. Birthday isn't only a moment to celebrate but also a moment to look back and to look forward at the same time. Don't let yourself being regretful when you realized that you're not young anymore or that it's too late to go back and change a thing.

Happy Pocky day, too!
and here is a beautiful scene of autumn that i took few days ago :)