This Dream Is Gonna Be Over Soon

Only one more days before 29th of September, which is the date of my departure to Tokyo. Yes, my summer holiday is gonna be over so soon. Honestly I don't really want that day comes too soon since I understand very well that by coming back to Tokyo means I will start my scariest periode in college --to write my graduation thesis. But, life must goes on and so does my thesis should be done by early 2013. I hope I could finish writing it by early January though so I could go on with some plans afterwards.
So, during this summer holiday, I wasn't only enjoying the time for relaxing but I also traveled to some places to conduct my research. I went to provinces in Indonesia that I have never visited before. So it was like a 'Let's Get Lost' trip since I traveled by myself. The trip itself was great, aside from the research, I learned so many things. As for the research itself, well we'll see :p
Besides traveling for the sake of my research, I also had a trip for a conference in Taipei, Taiwan. Went there with my mom. Of course we did visit some tourism spots, too! I actually love Taipei for the convenient transportation mode but it is not a good destination for culinary since I found it hard to find halal meals. Although some people said that around 40% of Taiwanese are vegetarian so it's supposed to be easy finding vegetarian food, I personally felt not comfortable with the food-related-thing. One thing that I found was quite funny is the way I tried to communicate with the Taiwanese who couldn't speak English. Photos, hand drawing, etc were involved! Even a woman at a restaurant made a sketch of a shrimp to describe one of the menu (everything on the menu was written in Chinese characters which are very strange to me and there's no pic at all). haha.
This holiday I also managed to attend some of my friends graduations. Although I couldn't attend some, too due the packed trip schedule. Congratulations, girls! You all are so amazing and deserved to be proud of :)
Lastly, here just a very few photos to close the post! See you again, Indonesia, i hope pretty soon!
Chiang Kai-Sek Memorial Hall, Taipei
One rainy afternoon with the girls 

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