Hey Summer!

It's summer already and the temperature is very hot lately in Tokyo (and most parts of Japan). Here it comes my fourth summer in Japan. Unlike the last three years, I'm not so busy with school's exams ahead the summer holiday. Since I've completed enough credits for my undergraduate study, this semester I don't take any classes other than the seminar class at the laboratory where I belong to. So I've been spending my semester by thinking about and building the concept for my graduation thesis and also preparing for graduate school entrance examination (which was held last week). And thanks God, I'd probably stay for two more years after March 2013 to continue my study.
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Btw, it's the second week of Ramadhan this year. Despite the very hot weather, I think I've been doing okay with fasting. No dehydration nor heat stroke. Alhamdulillah. And the most exciting thing is that I'll be going home to Indonesia this weekend :D Can't wait to be home!