Arashi Wakuwaku Gakkou 2012

In the past few months, I've been a huge fan of one Japanese idol group called Arashi (嵐). I think I couldn't recall that I had ever been such a fangirl before. So basically this is the first time for me. In few months (I think in the past three months) I've been collecting some of Arashi's dvds and cds and also I've been trying to always watch their variety shows on tv. They have three variety shows air every week at the moment. My most favorite one is VS Arashi, which airs every Thursday 7pm in Fujitv. Then the other two are Himitsu no Arashi chan (Thurs, 10pm, TBS) and Arashi ni Shiyagare (Sat, 10pm, NTV).
As singers, their voices aren't so wonderful, but they have lots of great songs such as 果てない空, Love So Sweet, and the newest one Your Eyes. But as entertainers, they are absolutely fabulous! So interesting.
As a very popular idol group in Japan, it's known that to get the tickets for their concerts or events is extremely hard. Even if you join the family club, it doesn't guarantee that you will get the ticket.
So, last month I found out that Arashi was going to held an event called 嵐ワクワク学校2012 (Arashi Exciting School 2012) starting from June through July in some cities in Japan. For Tokyo the event was scheduled on June 16 and 17 and would be take place in Tokyo Dome. And when I tried to find information about the ticket, there's a playguide where you have to draw lot. So, unless you win the lot, you can't buy the ticket. And since it's opened for public (doesn't matter whether you're in the family club or not), I decided to give it a try. But i didn't get picked :( Well of course I was a bit disappointed since it was my first time doing such a thing. When I started to let go the disappointment, four days before the event in Tokyo, one of my senior contacted me and asked me if I wanted to go with her to the event because she still had one ticket left. And of course I said yes! Haha.
So, last Saturday, June 16, I attended Arashi exciting school and got to see my favorite idol group directly. By the way, among the members, there two favorite members of mine, Matsumoto Jun and Ninomiya Kazunari. Hihi :) The event itself was great. I laughed a lot and also shed tears during the event. Of course it's not complete without buying the event's goodies. Luckily I went to the pre-event sales so I got to buy Matsumoto and Ninomiya clear files. On the event day, most of the clear files were sold out already. Hehe.
Since it wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the venue, so I will just shared these pictures.
in front of the venue
the goodies i purchased. two totebags, a mini school bag, clear files, a photo album (+arashi's photo), pin badges, and a notebook. :)