I'm The Paparazzi :P

Watching Movie Alone at The Theater

Have you ever done that? In my home country, Indonesia, I think it isn't a common thing to watch alone without company at the movie theater. Well, of course it's not that we're completely alone since technically there are also other visitors. Honestly I never imagined that I would go without company to the theater. But, when I came to Japan and went to the movie theater for several times with friends, I often saw those who went without company and they seemed to enjoy the movie anyway. Then I started to think how does it feel to do that? So, around a month ago, I decided to experience it by myself. I watched a Japanese movie titled 「僕等がいた」at a movie theater in Shibuya. Surprisingly it wasn't bad at all. But I think I won't recommend it if you want to watch horror movies. Hehehe. It specially is great for watching a movie which you're expecting to cry over it. Maybe the reason why it was fine to watch movie without company here in Japan, because we're not the only ones who do so. We don't have to be worried people will think that we don't have friends.
Anyway here is one of my favorite lines from the movie.

By the way, currently I'm in the state of frustrated with finding my thesis' theme. I think I've never felt so blank like this before. (-.-")



I know I hardly know what people feel deep down their hearts, but based on what I observed on some people, how they act with different people, how they talk with different people, I could see that there're at least two types of "kind" person.
1. A person who is truly kind; every nice act, every nice speech, every smile, is done with sincere.
2. A person who is kind because he/she doesn't want people to think bad of him/her.

Sometimes I think whether should I make myself seems nice or kind just so people don't hate me. But I'd rather be frank. I won't mind if people hate me because I'm not kind. You know, we don't meet with each of every people we know all the time. A judgment made by just few 'first' impressions is possibly one of the most ridiculous things which even exist in the world.

I personally think we could know how sincere a person is after a long encounter, interaction. I hope someday I could be a truly kind person.