Democratization of Information

Sounds so serious? Well perhaps yes because it was started from a serious moment when i was browsing around and reading about democratization of information. But actually am not meant to be serious on this post. I just want to share this slide i found on the net, because as Graham Walter said,
"People are certainly valuable resources,
and the information they hold is useful,
but far more so if shared with others."
The quote above is actually written in the slide. So here it is.
Democratization of Communication
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Btw, it reminds me to the SOPA/PIPA anti-piracy bills. Is it really only about efforts on stopping piracy? Or is it just because a party is afraid of loosing its 'power'?
Well, anyway like i said in the beginning, i don't want to talk serious stuff right now. hehe
Am gonna have my final of final exam tomorrow, so wish me a good luck, please? :)

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Hijjaz said...

Imagine cyber privacy tie would be possibly argued and so terrifying is(?).
Just wonder it (SOPA's terms) won't really essentially make constraint.

Have a great exam anyway :)