A Calm, Relaxing Day At One Side of The Tokyo Bay

Last Tuesday I headed out to find fresh air and relax. I decided to enjoy the view of Minatomirai, Yokohama. I walked around the Red Brick Warehouse, Unga Park, and finally set my tripod and camera at the Bankoku Bridge, a popular spot to take pictures of Minatomirai. Just as what many people said about the bridge, it was quite quiet, not so many people were passing the bridge. The weather was a bit cold but my body still could handle it without shivering from the cold. I really enjoyed every seconds I had there, in the same places, looking at the same objects but with changes of colors as the sun started to set and the sky got darker.
Sometimes a moment like this makes me think that I really am a loner. I like being around with the people i love, but when i'm alone, it feels like it is the best remedy after a bunch of life routines.
Anyway, these are few photos i took that day. They are not so good, but i hope you like them as i do :)
The Red Brick Warehouse
Minatomirai view with the ferris wheel and the landmark tower
This one is my favorite :)

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