For The Umpteenth Times

Happy New Year 2102!

I've never wanted to write my first post in year 2012 in a gloomy atmosphere till a while ago, a little thing happened and it just changed my happy mood to the reverse.
Sometimes do you ever think that yourself might be too rigid or inflexible? Well, i think sometimes i am. And i realize that it's quite annoying. But i personally think when this rigidness would not affect others, it won't be a big deal, right? Although it doesn't become a reason one shouldn't change.
I was a bit disappointed a while ago for discovering a rigid man in a small matter. Huh. That was the umpteenth reasons for me not to ***** you.
Anyway, wish you have a great year ahead of you people! Let's try to make critics, suggestions, etc into something that motivates you to be a better version of anyone can be. :)

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