Nice Pose!

Since there wasn't any class to attend today so i went to the annual festival, alone. Sometimes going by myself feels more flexible, especially when i'm in need of a 'me time'. As usual it was so crowded and cold. And just like the last time i went there, my fingers were freezing. I brought my gloves but it's just less helpful when i needed to take coins from my purse, so i didn't wear them. Anyway this old man was fine enough to let me taking a pic of him :)  


My Snowboard Trip 2012

Hey people! I just got back from Nagano area last night. What did i do there btw? Well, let me tell you then. hehe. I was snowboarding there for one and a half days. At the first time i was not so excited to go, especially when i found out that the weather wasn't great either. It was snowing heavily, which i said it felt like a snow storm. So, i was not really enjoying for the first half of the first day there. I even intended to just stay in the room for the rest of the day. But suddenly the sky got clear and i could see the sun far far away. Then i decided to have more rounds before the day got darken.
Can you guess what? By the time i was ready to slide again, there the snow started to fall heavily again. But i thought 'ah, never mind. i've already at the starting line anyway.' So, yes i started to try enjoying the snowboard. Then, one of my senior came to me and Dhilla and asked us if we would like to learn the new technique. Since i just knew how to do the most basic technique and i started to get bored with that, so why not?!
We went to higher starting line, cuz my senior thought that there were fewer people there. So it might be better to practice there. But, it was sooooo foggy that i could barely see what's in front of me. Luckily we managed to practice safely. And of course this practice session was full with felling down, yelling in pain, etc. But i think i enjoyed it much more than before. I was so tempted to be able to master the skill/technique. And yes, after a hard work, me and Dhilla could finally do that! Sometimes we still fell down when we tried to do the technique though. hehe. At least we got better :p
From what i experienced there, i knew that in life we need to do or try something new sometimes instead of just keep on doing the routines. By doing something new, we could have more spirits, motivation, and we would enjoy our lives better.
Trying something new, or learning something new doesn't mean that you're changing into somebody else. But it means you yourself are getting more abilities, knowledges, etc. Aren't you all agree with me?
I didn't take many photos in Nagano, but as soon as Dhilla shares photos from her camera, maybe i'll share some here too. And we also recorded few videos :)
So, see you when i see you!


For The Umpteenth Times

Happy New Year 2102!

I've never wanted to write my first post in year 2012 in a gloomy atmosphere till a while ago, a little thing happened and it just changed my happy mood to the reverse.
Sometimes do you ever think that yourself might be too rigid or inflexible? Well, i think sometimes i am. And i realize that it's quite annoying. But i personally think when this rigidness would not affect others, it won't be a big deal, right? Although it doesn't become a reason one shouldn't change.
I was a bit disappointed a while ago for discovering a rigid man in a small matter. Huh. That was the umpteenth reasons for me not to ***** you.
Anyway, wish you have a great year ahead of you people! Let's try to make critics, suggestions, etc into something that motivates you to be a better version of anyone can be. :)