Shocking Jolt

Friday afternoon around 17:29 JST, when I just realized that i had fallen asleep, suddenly the earthquake warning application in my phone said that an earthquake was about to come and the same announcement was also coming from the television. I jumped off from my bed, holding to it, and there it came the quake. The jolt was getting stronger and stronger, but it wasn't as strong as the one happened on March last year though. I was panic, I grabbed my jacket in case I needed to escape from the building, and I don't know why but I grabbed my pillow too! (panic is funny sometimes).
Then I heard the announcement from the tv that there's a tsunami warning in Miyagi pref. And the announcer was saying something like 'remember last year disaster, evacuate yourself as fast as possible!' and all of the sudden I couldn't hold my tears! I cried like a baby over the fear of the same disaster that might happen. I know maybe I was a bit of overreacting, but really, I do think I have a kind of trauma ever since last year disaster.
But Thanks GOD, hours later the tsunami warning was canceled, but we still need to be alert in case another earthquake happens.
Look at this picture I grabbed from Japan Meteorological Agency! More than half of Japan felt the quake.
I hope we'll be alright. No more earthquake please...


Pumpkin and Paprika Galette

So, me and Dhilla recently registered for cake and bread lessons at abc cooking. And today we just had our first lesson where we learned how to make pumpkin and paprika galette. So excited for more lessons :)


Another 11.11

Hello friends! So today remarks that i've been living in this amazing world for 23 years. But, today doesn't tell me nor you how much time i have left to enjoy every second of it, how much i have left to make the best of it. Birthday isn't only a moment to celebrate but also a moment to look back and to look forward at the same time. Don't let yourself being regretful when you realized that you're not young anymore or that it's too late to go back and change a thing.

Happy Pocky day, too!
and here is a beautiful scene of autumn that i took few days ago :)


This Dream Is Gonna Be Over Soon

Only one more days before 29th of September, which is the date of my departure to Tokyo. Yes, my summer holiday is gonna be over so soon. Honestly I don't really want that day comes too soon since I understand very well that by coming back to Tokyo means I will start my scariest periode in college --to write my graduation thesis. But, life must goes on and so does my thesis should be done by early 2013. I hope I could finish writing it by early January though so I could go on with some plans afterwards.
So, during this summer holiday, I wasn't only enjoying the time for relaxing but I also traveled to some places to conduct my research. I went to provinces in Indonesia that I have never visited before. So it was like a 'Let's Get Lost' trip since I traveled by myself. The trip itself was great, aside from the research, I learned so many things. As for the research itself, well we'll see :p
Besides traveling for the sake of my research, I also had a trip for a conference in Taipei, Taiwan. Went there with my mom. Of course we did visit some tourism spots, too! I actually love Taipei for the convenient transportation mode but it is not a good destination for culinary since I found it hard to find halal meals. Although some people said that around 40% of Taiwanese are vegetarian so it's supposed to be easy finding vegetarian food, I personally felt not comfortable with the food-related-thing. One thing that I found was quite funny is the way I tried to communicate with the Taiwanese who couldn't speak English. Photos, hand drawing, etc were involved! Even a woman at a restaurant made a sketch of a shrimp to describe one of the menu (everything on the menu was written in Chinese characters which are very strange to me and there's no pic at all). haha.
This holiday I also managed to attend some of my friends graduations. Although I couldn't attend some, too due the packed trip schedule. Congratulations, girls! You all are so amazing and deserved to be proud of :)
Lastly, here just a very few photos to close the post! See you again, Indonesia, i hope pretty soon!
Chiang Kai-Sek Memorial Hall, Taipei
One rainy afternoon with the girls 


Mindy Gledhill - All the Pennies

Heard this song on Jane by Design's finale and I was curious what song it was. I typed some parts of the lyric on google and it did a good job by telling the correct answer. hehe. So I'd just like you to enjoy the song, too as I'm enjoying it right now :)


Hey Summer!

It's summer already and the temperature is very hot lately in Tokyo (and most parts of Japan). Here it comes my fourth summer in Japan. Unlike the last three years, I'm not so busy with school's exams ahead the summer holiday. Since I've completed enough credits for my undergraduate study, this semester I don't take any classes other than the seminar class at the laboratory where I belong to. So I've been spending my semester by thinking about and building the concept for my graduation thesis and also preparing for graduate school entrance examination (which was held last week). And thanks God, I'd probably stay for two more years after March 2013 to continue my study.
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Btw, it's the second week of Ramadhan this year. Despite the very hot weather, I think I've been doing okay with fasting. No dehydration nor heat stroke. Alhamdulillah. And the most exciting thing is that I'll be going home to Indonesia this weekend :D Can't wait to be home!


Arashi Wakuwaku Gakkou 2012

In the past few months, I've been a huge fan of one Japanese idol group called Arashi (嵐). I think I couldn't recall that I had ever been such a fangirl before. So basically this is the first time for me. In few months (I think in the past three months) I've been collecting some of Arashi's dvds and cds and also I've been trying to always watch their variety shows on tv. They have three variety shows air every week at the moment. My most favorite one is VS Arashi, which airs every Thursday 7pm in Fujitv. Then the other two are Himitsu no Arashi chan (Thurs, 10pm, TBS) and Arashi ni Shiyagare (Sat, 10pm, NTV).
As singers, their voices aren't so wonderful, but they have lots of great songs such as 果てない空, Love So Sweet, and the newest one Your Eyes. But as entertainers, they are absolutely fabulous! So interesting.
As a very popular idol group in Japan, it's known that to get the tickets for their concerts or events is extremely hard. Even if you join the family club, it doesn't guarantee that you will get the ticket.
So, last month I found out that Arashi was going to held an event called 嵐ワクワク学校2012 (Arashi Exciting School 2012) starting from June through July in some cities in Japan. For Tokyo the event was scheduled on June 16 and 17 and would be take place in Tokyo Dome. And when I tried to find information about the ticket, there's a playguide where you have to draw lot. So, unless you win the lot, you can't buy the ticket. And since it's opened for public (doesn't matter whether you're in the family club or not), I decided to give it a try. But i didn't get picked :( Well of course I was a bit disappointed since it was my first time doing such a thing. When I started to let go the disappointment, four days before the event in Tokyo, one of my senior contacted me and asked me if I wanted to go with her to the event because she still had one ticket left. And of course I said yes! Haha.
So, last Saturday, June 16, I attended Arashi exciting school and got to see my favorite idol group directly. By the way, among the members, there two favorite members of mine, Matsumoto Jun and Ninomiya Kazunari. Hihi :) The event itself was great. I laughed a lot and also shed tears during the event. Of course it's not complete without buying the event's goodies. Luckily I went to the pre-event sales so I got to buy Matsumoto and Ninomiya clear files. On the event day, most of the clear files were sold out already. Hehe.
Since it wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the venue, so I will just shared these pictures.
in front of the venue
the goodies i purchased. two totebags, a mini school bag, clear files, a photo album (+arashi's photo), pin badges, and a notebook. :)


I'm The Paparazzi :P

Watching Movie Alone at The Theater

Have you ever done that? In my home country, Indonesia, I think it isn't a common thing to watch alone without company at the movie theater. Well, of course it's not that we're completely alone since technically there are also other visitors. Honestly I never imagined that I would go without company to the theater. But, when I came to Japan and went to the movie theater for several times with friends, I often saw those who went without company and they seemed to enjoy the movie anyway. Then I started to think how does it feel to do that? So, around a month ago, I decided to experience it by myself. I watched a Japanese movie titled 「僕等がいた」at a movie theater in Shibuya. Surprisingly it wasn't bad at all. But I think I won't recommend it if you want to watch horror movies. Hehehe. It specially is great for watching a movie which you're expecting to cry over it. Maybe the reason why it was fine to watch movie without company here in Japan, because we're not the only ones who do so. We don't have to be worried people will think that we don't have friends.
Anyway here is one of my favorite lines from the movie.

By the way, currently I'm in the state of frustrated with finding my thesis' theme. I think I've never felt so blank like this before. (-.-")



I know I hardly know what people feel deep down their hearts, but based on what I observed on some people, how they act with different people, how they talk with different people, I could see that there're at least two types of "kind" person.
1. A person who is truly kind; every nice act, every nice speech, every smile, is done with sincere.
2. A person who is kind because he/she doesn't want people to think bad of him/her.

Sometimes I think whether should I make myself seems nice or kind just so people don't hate me. But I'd rather be frank. I won't mind if people hate me because I'm not kind. You know, we don't meet with each of every people we know all the time. A judgment made by just few 'first' impressions is possibly one of the most ridiculous things which even exist in the world.

I personally think we could know how sincere a person is after a long encounter, interaction. I hope someday I could be a truly kind person.



To someone miles away,
Thank you for everything. Sayonara!


The 4th Spring in Japan

I never thought three years would pass so fast. Three years ago on April 8, I arrived in Japan to continue my study. Three years have passed since then. I'd be lying if I said I haven't changed for the past three years. I do think I've changed quite a lot. Well, as in appearance, I've gained 6 kilos in three years and you can see it clearly from my cheeks and else. Besides that, I do feel the way I think about something, the way I see things (matters) might have changed, too. But I still can't change the fact that I'm a quite short-tempered person. Sometimes I can't listen to people not because I don't want to but because I feel they don't give convincing reasons. By the way, it makes me realized that there are so many people who aren't good communicators. Maybe I'm also one of them. God, I seriously think if everyone could communicate well, this world will be so peaceful. For me myself, the fact that I can't tell what I want to and the fact that people can't get what I want to tell are so frustrating. I could be very upset because of that.
And this is the thing that haven't changed in three years, the thing that I always find myself lost in the middle of my post. Suddenly I can't figure what I want to write. hehe.
In these three years, I learned that it isn't easy to find people with same interests, same visions, or even if they're not the same at any of the things I said, at least people who we can get along with in many ways. Spending a lot of time with someone, doesn't always mean we can get along well with that person. Sometimes there's a kind of reluctance to bring up disagreement only to avoid conflict. But in the end we can't always avoiding differences, there will a point where we feel tired.
Anyway, last March my mom paid a visit to Japan for work but I could also get to hang out with her since I  tagged along with her. And here it is a photo of me and my mom. Some photos of sakura (cherry blossom) will follow :)
me and mom in Niigata
taken at Shinjuku Gyoen on April 7
taken at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, Kamakura on April 8
taken at Kamakura Daibutsu on April 8


Hana Yori Dango 花より男子 (Japanese ver.)

Recently I started to watch this Japanese drama and I just finished watching all episodes plus the final movie today. Actually it isn't the first time I tried to watch 花より男子. Around 2 years ago, I once wanted to watch it. But only after few minutes when the scene where the F4 guys were playing, I was kinda shock and confused at the same time because I thought those guys looked too girly. Then I decided not to continue watching that drama until few days ago...
I was surprised yet excited because I did not have the impression I had 2 years ago about the guys. I think after living in Tokyo for almost 3 years, the way I see Japanese men style has changed. Although I still think that sometimes their styles are too fancy, but I no longer think they look like girls. hehe.
Anyway, back to the drama itself, it has 2 seasons of tv series and 1 final movie. And I love them all. I really like the journey of Tsukasa (Matsumoto Jun) and Tsukushi (Inoue Mao), and also how the rest of F4 members: Rui (Oguri Shun), Sojiro (Matsuda Shota), and Akira (Abe Tsuyoshi) were always there to help the couple. I really like how Tsukasa's character grows from episode to episode until the final. That really is a kind of boy which every girl might falls in love with. I smile, laughed, cried, and all. To make it short, it is perfect! hehe
Btw, this is my favorite soundtrack from the drama. It is from the second season. Utada Hikaru - Flavor of Life


A Calm, Relaxing Day At One Side of The Tokyo Bay

Last Tuesday I headed out to find fresh air and relax. I decided to enjoy the view of Minatomirai, Yokohama. I walked around the Red Brick Warehouse, Unga Park, and finally set my tripod and camera at the Bankoku Bridge, a popular spot to take pictures of Minatomirai. Just as what many people said about the bridge, it was quite quiet, not so many people were passing the bridge. The weather was a bit cold but my body still could handle it without shivering from the cold. I really enjoyed every seconds I had there, in the same places, looking at the same objects but with changes of colors as the sun started to set and the sky got darker.
Sometimes a moment like this makes me think that I really am a loner. I like being around with the people i love, but when i'm alone, it feels like it is the best remedy after a bunch of life routines.
Anyway, these are few photos i took that day. They are not so good, but i hope you like them as i do :)
The Red Brick Warehouse
Minatomirai view with the ferris wheel and the landmark tower
This one is my favorite :)


Democratization of Information

Sounds so serious? Well perhaps yes because it was started from a serious moment when i was browsing around and reading about democratization of information. But actually am not meant to be serious on this post. I just want to share this slide i found on the net, because as Graham Walter said,
"People are certainly valuable resources,
and the information they hold is useful,
but far more so if shared with others."
The quote above is actually written in the slide. So here it is.
Democratization of Communication
 View more presentations from Oscar Berg

Btw, it reminds me to the SOPA/PIPA anti-piracy bills. Is it really only about efforts on stopping piracy? Or is it just because a party is afraid of loosing its 'power'?
Well, anyway like i said in the beginning, i don't want to talk serious stuff right now. hehe
Am gonna have my final of final exam tomorrow, so wish me a good luck, please? :)


Nice Pose!

Since there wasn't any class to attend today so i went to the annual festival, alone. Sometimes going by myself feels more flexible, especially when i'm in need of a 'me time'. As usual it was so crowded and cold. And just like the last time i went there, my fingers were freezing. I brought my gloves but it's just less helpful when i needed to take coins from my purse, so i didn't wear them. Anyway this old man was fine enough to let me taking a pic of him :)  


My Snowboard Trip 2012

Hey people! I just got back from Nagano area last night. What did i do there btw? Well, let me tell you then. hehe. I was snowboarding there for one and a half days. At the first time i was not so excited to go, especially when i found out that the weather wasn't great either. It was snowing heavily, which i said it felt like a snow storm. So, i was not really enjoying for the first half of the first day there. I even intended to just stay in the room for the rest of the day. But suddenly the sky got clear and i could see the sun far far away. Then i decided to have more rounds before the day got darken.
Can you guess what? By the time i was ready to slide again, there the snow started to fall heavily again. But i thought 'ah, never mind. i've already at the starting line anyway.' So, yes i started to try enjoying the snowboard. Then, one of my senior came to me and Dhilla and asked us if we would like to learn the new technique. Since i just knew how to do the most basic technique and i started to get bored with that, so why not?!
We went to higher starting line, cuz my senior thought that there were fewer people there. So it might be better to practice there. But, it was sooooo foggy that i could barely see what's in front of me. Luckily we managed to practice safely. And of course this practice session was full with felling down, yelling in pain, etc. But i think i enjoyed it much more than before. I was so tempted to be able to master the skill/technique. And yes, after a hard work, me and Dhilla could finally do that! Sometimes we still fell down when we tried to do the technique though. hehe. At least we got better :p
From what i experienced there, i knew that in life we need to do or try something new sometimes instead of just keep on doing the routines. By doing something new, we could have more spirits, motivation, and we would enjoy our lives better.
Trying something new, or learning something new doesn't mean that you're changing into somebody else. But it means you yourself are getting more abilities, knowledges, etc. Aren't you all agree with me?
I didn't take many photos in Nagano, but as soon as Dhilla shares photos from her camera, maybe i'll share some here too. And we also recorded few videos :)
So, see you when i see you!


For The Umpteenth Times

Happy New Year 2102!

I've never wanted to write my first post in year 2012 in a gloomy atmosphere till a while ago, a little thing happened and it just changed my happy mood to the reverse.
Sometimes do you ever think that yourself might be too rigid or inflexible? Well, i think sometimes i am. And i realize that it's quite annoying. But i personally think when this rigidness would not affect others, it won't be a big deal, right? Although it doesn't become a reason one shouldn't change.
I was a bit disappointed a while ago for discovering a rigid man in a small matter. Huh. That was the umpteenth reasons for me not to ***** you.
Anyway, wish you have a great year ahead of you people! Let's try to make critics, suggestions, etc into something that motivates you to be a better version of anyone can be. :)