Pocky Date! And, Birthday!

Hey all! It's pocky day hahaha! A day which i heard there are so many people are getting married today. Well, i got to be honest i also had a dream to get married on this day! Haha. But, it's just too early for me. So, NO. I should wait for the right moment. hehe
Anyway what so special about today for me is... It's my birthday today! Going further in my twenties. :) Oh, I feel old already. But anyway thanks to these girls Dhilla and Kidu who were trying to surprise me last night, and it was kind of failing a bit, but still, i didn't expect that you two would do so! So i appreciate your efforts, girls :D Thanks for making the start of this day sweet :) And also thanks for everyone for greeting me with birthday wishes through facebook, twitter, sms, and straight to me, etc :D Love you all!
My fave strawberry shortcake, Dhilla&Kidu, a sweet detail on the birthday gift :)

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