It's been a long time, huh? I've gone back to Indonesia for the summer holiday and even got back again to Japan two days ago. The times when i was home which counted for about 40 days were priceless :D I had a great holiday. I even finally got myself flown to Tarakan Island, East Kalimantan and surprised my grandma as I suddenly visited her without prior notice. It was full of spontaneity. I just decided to buy the ticket 2 days before my departure.
Anyway, the holiday thing is not the main thing that i actually want to write about. Have you ever criticized people, saying they're wrong, they should've done this and that?? Well, am kinda sure you have. Hehe. Who have never done that? And mostly people who feel offended by the critics often say "See yourself first. Do you think you are good enough to say so?" etc. Indeed it's true that we get to see ourselves, do introspection, evaluate ourselves. Since I believe that nobody is perfect. I personally think me myself is not perfect at all. I did  loads of mistakes, I disappointed others, I hurt others, etc. And I won't deny that I criticized people quite often. So is that making me wrong because I critic others? Maybe it could be relative depending on how we see it. But i think as long as the person realized that he/she is not good enough yet, as long as he/she doesn't think that he/she is the most perfect person in the world, it's so human. I think it's one of the human's social functions. Maybe rather that using the word 'critic', it would be less sharp if we replace the word with 'remind'. Yup, reminding each other isn't something bad, especially if we're reminding others for good. But, of course there should be an exchange, there should be feedback. We also need to listen to what other people say about us.
So, when there's somebody criticizing (or 'reminding') us, don't let yourself get offended quickly and throwing the sentence like these, "See yourself first. Do you think you are good enough to say so?" etc. Start to see things differently. Try to see from different perspective. Try to think that the critic might be actually important for us. We might really need to evaluate. Just say, "Thank you!"
Am telling you this, doesn't mean that I've always done these 'positive way' to face critics. But am trying to remind myself to do so. So, good luck friends :D Wish the world would be much more peaceful as people try to be positive!
Btw, saying sorry is never too late, right? Please forgive for all past mistakes :)

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