Parting Is Often A Hard Thing To Do

Hi friends, how are you? Today is the 7th day of Ramadhan. And this year i have the chance to experience how it feels to spend few days of Ramadhan in Japan. Yep, just for the first week cuz i'll be going home to Indonesia tomorrow for my summer holiday. So, how does it feel so far? Well, actually it's doing okay. I can do the responsibility of fasting just like usual, the differences are that i have to prepare my sahur and ifthar by myself and also that most people around me are not doing fasting. So, besides the fact that i lost those the special Ramadhan atmosphere which i usually have in Indonesia, anything is just fine. Not eating and drinking for about 16 hours was thought to be a bit harder, but in fact, no it's not hard at all. But because the fajr time is so early (it's around 3:15 am) so far i always stay awake till fajr, and then after i sleep. So, lately i feel like i'm sleepless. Haha, not that bad actually. At least it doesn't make me walking like a zombie during the day :p 
There's one resolution this summer that i think i won't make it. Visiting any sunflower garden in Japan. Sooo saad ;( I've always wanted to see something like this..
img source: Pixdaus
But it's okay, i hope i still have the coming years to be waited for and to go to those gardens full of sunflower. 
So, tomorrow i'll be home again after almost a year. Happy, that's an absolute feeling, of course, who wouldn't be? But somehow there are these feeelings which make me uncomfortable. At one side, i think i'll be missing my room a lot in Tokyo, but at the other side, i miss home, family, and friends in Indonesia. I know later, at the time when i should go back again to Tokyo, i would feel hard to leave home (again). Sigh. Parting will never really be easy at all. That's it.