Harry Potter

Hi all :) It's weekend already *wow time flies so fast*. Anyway have you watched the last Harry Potter movie which is Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2? I watched it last week and it was beyond amazing :D 

Actually I'm not that freak about Harry Potter, i've never read any of the books. But i did watch all the movies from the first sequel till the last sequel which is split into two parts. Personally, i think that the sequels which are very much amazing are the first sequel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) and the 2nd part of the last sequel, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.
Why the first sequel was great is that because it was the first! Hahaha, it's the whole brand new story, a new imagination, it's fresh. And why the last movie was also great is because it told us the untold stories behind each of the other sequels, it sums up the story in a quite perfect way. I personally love the scene when Neville Longbottom talked bravely in front of Voldemort and his followers. But i was a bit hoping for a more dramatic scene when Voldemort died. Anyway overall it was amazing! I didn't watch in 3D though, because i can't really deal with it, i often get dizzy when i watch 3D movies. hehe.

I'm a huge fan of Hermione Granger! She's smart and perfectly beautiful :) So, after i watched the movie, I bought Hermione's wand hehehehe :) Of course nothing would happen even if i mentioned some spells ;p

So, be sure to watch the last Harry Potter movie even if you're not a fan of it. It's one of the worth watching movies ever. I'm a bit sad though when i realize that it's the last ;'( Don't want it to end yet. Hiks. Anyway have a good day :D


Happy Birthday

These days are so hectic that i hardly find a time to sit in front of my notebook. But with the helps of few iphone apps, i could make this when i was on the bus to work.

Why Does Color Matter?

I suddenly wonder why does sometimes color matter? In this case, i'm talking about what color we wear. Today, i just took any clothes that i could easily find in my wardrobe. Turned out that they're dominantly black. Actually i wore a greyish pants and beige onepiece, but i added a black cardigan and a black scarf.
Then i went to the campus, met few friends before and during the class. Few of them were asking "Why do you wear black?" And i was like "Why? It's okay, right?"
I ended up thinking what's so weird about wearing black today? Maybe because it's summer? So we have to wear something brighter.
But, back in my home country which has only two seasons; dry and wet seasons, i guess it's normal to wear black even in a
bright sunny day. Well, although i had an experience when one of the lecturers said she was wondering why many of us liked to wear black.
Anyway, i don't really care whether it's summer or winter, i just like to wear anything that i feel like to wear. No matter what people think about it. How about you?



Pop Master by Nana Mizuki

Hey all :) How was your week? It feels like time flies so fast till i realize it's Friday already. Time to relax for a while after we put so many efforts to do our responsibilities for the past few days. Let's say hello to the weekend :D
Btw i'd like to invite you to listen to a singing lesson on nhk world radio this weekend, fyi, i'm gonna be in that  soon to be broadcast-ed program :)
You can listen to the program in English or in 16 other available languages like Indonesian, Thai, Urdu, etc. Just follow this LINK :D