Things I'm Thankful For In The Last Few Days

First, for the fact that i got a chance to be one of the honor students from my department again this year. I didn't think that i would make it again this year. Anyway, being an honor student is not suppose to be the goal of studying. I see it more as a bonus reward for the hard work we've done. Don't you think so folks?

Second, for the chance to learn how to sing a Japanese song with a talented singing couch. I love listening to the music, i love singing, but i never really able to sing well. And today i learned to sing a Japanese song entitled "Pop Master" by Mizuki Nana. Well, i didn't practice for the whole song though, but for the parts that i practiced today, i would say i got better :)
Third, for the unbelievably amazing team work i had with three other people in preparing a presentation for bio-business case study course. All of us didn't really know each other before, we are all different in interests, passions, etc. But we could manage to be ready by the time we need to present it. And as for me, it's a real challenge to deliver a presentation in Japanese language. Blah. The hardest part was when the audiences started to ask questions, it's like they didn't care whether me, a foreigner who has limited proficiency in Japanese, understand the question or not (-__-). And guess what, i didn't understand many of the questions so i had my team mates to explain the questions in more understandable phrases. LOL. Otsukaresan, minna :)
So, those were three things i'm thankful for in the last few days. Well, of course there are a bunch of other things which i should be thankful for that i don't think those should be listed here. hehe.
Anyway, enjoy the remaining of the week by being productive friends! Bye :D  

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