Jumpin' In For A While

photo credit goes to Reihan Akira
Hi people :) How're you doing? Here in Japan, we just had a few days of national holidays, which is known as Golden Week. Actually today is no longer a part of those national holidays, but since my english professor decided not to held the only class i supposed to have today, i could extend my golden week till sunday :) hihi.. Well, it's not the time when i could just lying lazily on my bed the whole days though. I'm not gonna tolerate any procrastination till this holiday ends. I hope i could finish all stuffs that need to be done. Amin.
Anyway, i've been thinking a lot these couples of weeks. I'm not just thinking about one thing, but many things so that i get myself confused. Guys, is this the sign that i'm really getting into the adult's world?
One thing that i finally learned, we can't have everything to be as perfect as we wished. We can't deny not every person could go along with us, we met, we argued, and we left. The point is that we have to be grateful for what we have, for those who chose to stay around us, for those who never leave us.
I'm happy being who i am, being with people i love and people who love me, too.
For this peaceful feelings and for things i learned lately, i can't thank You enough, ya Rabb :)