To The Best Mom Ever

&gt;:D< big hug 

Hey, friends! I remember when i first uploaded a photo of my mini danbo and big danbo together in facebook, and i told my mother that it's not only me who also had danbo, but my friends, too. Then she asked me to take a photo of a big danbo together with 3 mini danbo. The reason why my mom wanted 3 mini danbo was because the big danbo would represent herself while the other 3 mini danbo would represent her children; me, my sister, and my brother. But, i hadn't had the chance to do what she wanted, so i decided to do that for her birthday. I borrowed the other 2 mini danbo from Dhilla and Akira, and Akira also lent me his 35mm lens for a bonus ;) hehehe.
I've been downloading digi scrapbook freebies a lot but rarely got a chance to make any digital scrapbook. Here are some of great resources for digi scrapbook stuff: shabbyprincess, freedigitalscrapbooking, digiscrapdepot, etc *you can easily find those kind of sites by just googling ;p 
I finished making this happy birthday card 3 days ago, and i really wanted to uploaded as soon as possible. But since it supposed to be uploaded on the exact day of my mom's birthday, so i needed to hold up a little. Uh, that was a kind of hard though. hehehe.
Well, i'm not good at finding words, but happy birthday mom! I love you :D

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