I Was Trying To Be...

Hello friends! It's been so long since the last time i wrote here. I was far away from Tokyo for about 10 days but have been back for almost a week though. Actually there are a lot of experiences that i had during those 10 days that i'd love to share here. But maybe i'll hold it up a bit more because apparently i have another thing that i want to write right now.
So, lets the story begin...
For those people around me, i'm sure most of them are already aware that cooking isn't something that i could really enjoy. Yeah, it's true. Unlike most girls, i don't like being in the kitchen, preparing and cooking food. When it's still possible to have meal outside, cheap and healthy enough, i won't bother myself to think what should i cook for today. I don't like the feeling of putting too many efforts and times to prepare food. Furthermore, often when i try to cook, then i finish it, i'm not hungry anymore, i loose my appetite (not because it's not delicious). See? I don't really see a significant reason for making me want to cook everyday.
But, since now i'm 21 already, recently i started to think about the future. What if i become someone's wife and i can't cook? So, for the future's sake, i've promised to myself to try to cook as often as possible.
I started from very simple kinds of cooking. At least it has the nutrients that would be important. Although i don't really like vegetables, but i understand that later, in the future, i should prepare food with vegetables also for the family.
So, yesterday i made meat and vegetables saute. That was the first time i cooked something like that. Really. I know it might be too easy for most of you guys, but as for me, i was confused for a few times regarding what seasonings should i put into, how the order is, what should be done first, etc. Anyway, i could finally made it and it was tasty enough for me.
Then i showed a photo of the food to him. Well, i didn't hope that he will praise or what, because i knew it wasn't so great to made such food. Then he commented. Actually his comment wasn't insulting nor bad, but somehow made me quite disappointed and lost my spirit to cook again. Huh, a very sensitive me. 
So, that's it. Maybe it will take weeks till i finally go to the kitchen again. Bye cooking spirit ;'(

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Rae said...

that's me. x)
i hate cooking. when i have a little cooking spirit in me, i blow it up and swear never to try again.