Field Work Experience

Hi friends! So finally i'm writing this post which has been postponed for way too long. It's about my trip to Niigata perfecture which was started on Feb 3rd until Feb 13th. This trip wasn't for holiday but actually it's for field work practice as one of the required course for the sophomore students in my department at college. 
I chose to go to Joetsu Tokyo Nodai, during winter *not summer which is actually the most common time to go for agriculture practice* for some reasons. Anyway, there i was with 4 other friends spending 10 days together and doing some agricultural practices. Since it was still winter, there weren't so many things to do. All what we did were doing dried pumpkin packaging, harvesting autumn poem, and the best i've ever experienced there--harvesting radish.
I'd tell you why i think that harvesting radish is my best experience that i had there. So, long time before i went there, i've asked my professor what would we do there since it was winter. And he answered, "We would harvest the radish." Then, after i spent more than a week there, we still didn't do that. So, i was a kind of waiting for the moment while my friends wished that we would never do that. hehe. Finally, after waiting for quite long, we were asked to harvest the radish in the last day of our field work period. To be honest, it wasn't an easy job. We needed to dig the snow for about 1 meter deep. I was like wondering how i could i do that since i had never done that before. But, with full of spirit, i managed to dig the hole by myself and could harvest 5 radishes. The most wonderful part of that work was, when i could finally pull the radish out from the ground (it's hard, trust me!), i raised the radish up high and screamed happily. I felt like i was a champion of something. hehe.
So, here i put few photos that were taken by cellphone's camera. The quality isn't so good, sorry for that, but i hope it still proper enough to share my experiences there :)

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