Bye Exams! Hellooo FUN DAYS :D

Yo, guys! It's me AJ! *uuups no noooo..not AJ but it's me edhika :D
I've been having this AJ Rafael fever ever since dhilla shared a youtube video link of him. He's so cool and talented and a really great figure of best friend for the people around him i guess :)
From almost all of the videos that he uploaded to his channel, my very favorite one is his duet with Jenny Suk singing a cover of 1234 (plain white t's) and best i ever had (drake). You can access that video here.
And here, i want to share you another video from, which i also like, for sure. This is an original song by AJ himself. Enjoy :)

Btw, starting from today i'm free from final exams. Yeay for being free :D A long holiday is really close now. But, i need to go for agricultural practice first, to Niigata, starting from Feb 4th for ten days long. As for you know, Niigata is one of some prefectures in Japan which is experiencing the heaviest snow for this winter. So, i guess i should be prepared for the killin' snow (because it's too cold, and i don't really like that T_T). I'm quite prepared actually, i've bought a pair of snow boots which was on sale for 50%. And  do you what was the reason that boots were on sale? Because they're shocking pink! But, who cares anyway :D
Speaking of being free from exam, (since it's now already Feb 2nd, so it's yesterday, yes sooo yesterday) yesterday after i finished the last exam, i re-checked an email which was sent by my mom, telling me to see a tamiya store. She gave me the link, so there i tried to find the address and the instruction how to get to the store. Then, i went out from the dorm, started my another adventure to a new place. LOL. I really love it when i have to go to a new place, getting all the transportation info from the internet, sometimes i check on google map first then either i print it out or send the map to my phone (since i'm not using a smart phone, so i can't always rely on it to see gps or such a thing). Getting on the train, transfer from one line to another line, i've gotten used to it. I don't have that panic syndrome anymore like i used to have when I travelled alone. But here it is, one thing that still becomes a challenge for me, finding an address. Especially when the address is quite far from the station, and requires me to go through several blocks, furthermore, the station itself has so many gates. It makes me lost my cardinal directions! Well, but as long as the time is not so tight or in other words there's no need to worry about being late, i'll be enjoying so much the adventure of finding the address. I don't care if i got lost for a while. ahahaha. I believe that i can always find a way back home :)
So, that was what happened to me. I was lost! It was started with the map that i checked before i went to the tamiya store. The store is right next to mizuho bank. So, when i arrived in the right station, all i knew was that i should find that bank. After walking for a few minutes, i found the building of mizuho bank, but there was no tamiya store next to it. I decided to call the store and made sure that the store is still located in that area. They said they're still there. But i said i was right in front of the bank (i called using a public phone, and that was my first time here in Japan.LOL). And they said that i might be in front of another mizuho bank, not the one that should be next to the tamiya store. Well, okay then. I walked again, tried to find the store. It took me for more than 30 minutes and made me asked 4 people along the way until i finally found the store. Yeay for finally stepping my feet there :D And thanks God 3 from 4 people that i asked for directions could be really helpful (the other one didn't have any idea about the location of that another mizuho bank). Got no problems at all on the way back home.
So, i guess that's all for now, it's 1.31 am already here. Need to get a good sleep a.s.a.p. Good night everyone :D

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