The Trees and The Moon

It's winter already but the snow hasn't fell yet here in Tokyo. Can't lie that i'm quite excited for the snow to fall, but in the other hand, i don't really like how it bites every little inch of my skin. 
There was no class today. I think that's because tomorrow there will be a college entry exam held in all over Japan (well, i don't know if it's right or not actually. hehe), and my campus will be one of the places to hold the exam. A bit thankful for not having any classes today cuz i haven't finished my reports, but also feel so bored. Then i took a ride around the area with my bicycle, dropped by at some stores to buy food and some other stuff, enjoyed the bright sunny day, alone, just by myself. Being alone sometimes is just exactly what i need.
Anyway, they just cut the trees in the dorm. Kinda sad because only few branches left, but also happy at the same time because now i have broader view from my room. That's the moon, the remaining branches, and the building no. 18 of my campus. Feels like it's gonna be a calm night :)

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