Something I Learn In Life

It has been about 21 years that i spent to live my life. Of course there are so many things happened, and maybe i can say it must be uncountable. But, the point in living a life is not only letting those things which have happened to be just gone that way. We need to learn something. Yeah, there must be so many things that we could learn from what have happened in the past.
When we did right, we learn it, then we should try to keep doing right in the future. When we did wrong, we learn it, then we should try not to repeat the same mistake. 
We can learn something not only from our own lives, but also from others'. Yes, we can also learn from others' lives.
Today, i would write one thing that i have learned so far.
We don't need to brag about ourselves too much to other people, in order to make them know who we are. Especially, when we achieve something that we are so much proud of. From my experience, even though i don't talk about what i've achieved to many people, apparently there are people who know it as the time keeps going on. Even from people that i thought would never be care that much about myself.
I'm grateful for not bragging too much about myself (well, at least i think so about myself, since i've seen so many people who bragged about themselves a lot even in social networking sites) so that i could learn about this thing.

There's no need to brag too much in order to be recognized.

Well, it's only 3 days left before we go on to the next new year. Wow, it's almost 2011 already! Time really flies so fast. A lot of things are waiting ahead of us. Let's give our best to make a better future :)
So, did you get yourself a new year resolution, folks? Me? As usual i never make one. hehehe.

Anyway, i miss my family a lot >,< especially my little brother. huhuhu.

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