Indonesian Ambassador for Japan, Letter of Credentials, and Horse-Drawn Carriage ;)

So, today when i checked my facebook (on the newsfeed) i found my friend was sharing a video that was quite interesting. Then i watched the video and started wondering.
Here, first i'll share the video to you..

Then i knew that it had something to do with Letter of Credentials which was going to be delivered to  the Japanese Emperor, Emperor Akihito. But i wonder why Mr. Lutfi (Indonesian Ambassador) had to dress like that, moreover riding the horse-drawn carriage to the Imperial Palace? I really want to know the meaning behind them. hehehe.
So, if you're interested to know more about this, you may check Indonesian embassy's site at this link CLICK ME
Anyway, i'm gonna take JLPT today, wish me luck :D

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Anonymous said...

halo kak edhika...nama saya fca, pengen nanya sesuatu nih ke kakak lewat email..bisa tau email kakak apa?