Hemp Lip Protector From The Body Shop :)

Hellooo..Did you have a great friday night or sat night?? I hope you guys did :D
I spent my friday night together with partners from Indonesian Agricultural Sciences Association (IASA) holding a year end seminar. The keynote speech was delivered by a professor from The University of Tokyo who could speak in Indonesian language pretty well.  Besides, there was also a discussion panel with 3 Indonesian students as the speakers. Overall it was success. Many guests came even without registering first. We even ran out of chairs, but we could maintain to get more chairs for the guests. I think, besides those very competent speakers, the free consumption (bakso: Indonesian food) was one thing that attracted people too. But, since there were some enregistered guests, so not everybody got a bowl of bakso (neither did i. hiks)
Then, today i spent the day with Dhilla walking around Shibuya. We went to love first to look for good agendas for next year :) yeah i need to buy it as soon as possible cuz there are lots of plans, appointment, tec which need to be written down there. So, i bought it :D and also some stickers which are sooo cute..hehe..
Owyaa, right after me and Dhilla arrived at Shibuya, we  went to The Body Shop store. Dhilla wanted to buy a limited edition body lotion and i was just looking around. But then i found this "Hemp Lip Protector" which was described as intense moisturisation for dry and cracked lips. And i need that soo bad because i've always problems with my very dry lips. Even my friends were also being sooo much talkative when it came to my lips. So, the normal lip balm is not enough for me. hehe..
Well, it costs me more than the usual lip balm, but it's worth it. And it's also perfect for this cool season and of course for the soon coming winter season :) 

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