Itsumo Kokoro Ni, Aosora Wo.

Hi folks :)
How have you been doing? I wish everything's great. It's been so long since i wrote the last story from my daily life. Was i disappear? Of course not. hahaha. I was just too busy with school activities, project activities, and also leasure activities (LOL). 
During the timebeing i went to Tokyo Joypolis--a kind of amusement park in Odaiba and got  extremely dizzy after riding Power Sled (i was rolling for 720degree about 5 times!), then i had a chance to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 which was a really great movie, then , i also had a chance to go hiking to Mt. Takao last Saturday. Well, those were the leasure activities! and i won't tell you the other activities. ahahaha.
Anyway, what is that picture about? So, today i had a class. In that class, after the professor explain some materials of the class, he always shows us some videos each week. The video are mostly from NHK program called プロフェッショナル. The video that i watched today was about a Japanese woman who works as UNICEF Representative in Tajikistan. The content of the video was very touching and i was almost crying in the classroom (hiks..T_T). And i love one quote that the Japanese woman said..「いつも心に、青空を。」 which 'maybe' means always feel the blue sky in our heart.
Well, okay i think that's all that i want to talk about. 
And if you are interested to watch the video, you can access the video here ( it's in Japanese and i guess you need to pay around 315 yen to watch though, sorry).
So, have a good day all :D

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Ramadhona Saville said...

hahaha mabok di joypolis
huuueeeh professional keren yaah