Ied Mubarak (Ied Adha 1431H)

Hello everybody!! It's getting so cold day by day. And the weather today was one of the coldest days so far and believe me it's killing me so bad! I couldn't even differ is it autumn or winter already? hehehe. Then I finally caught a flu after a very very long time being a healthy teenage (i hope a-21-years-old-girl is still counted as a teenage ;p). Wish me get better so soon ;)
Well, anyway today i went to Indonesian School at Meguro, Tokyo to pray Idul Adha. Luckily i didn't have a class at all so i could celebrate the day with joy unlike last year :D
I went there together with almost all Indonesian students in my campus then we met other Indonesians there.
FYI, the pray was also attended by Indonesian Vice President Mr. Boediono and wife, and also some ministries of the country. One of them is Mr. Hatta Rajasa, the Ministry of Economic Affair, who also gave a khutbah after the pray. Somehow i felt thankful for ever seeing them directly here in Tokyo  *not only in TV ;p* (i also attended a meeting with the Vice President, Ministries, and also Indonesian Ambassador for Japan two days before). Because maybe i would never have that opportunity if i stayed in my own country. hehe.
Then after the celebration at Indonesian School over, me, Dhilla, Mbak Rani, Mas Asad, Rama, and Akira (too bad Ayu and Mamet who went together with us had to gome home earlier) went to Shibuya to eat Lamb curry :D Why Lamb curry?? I don't know for sure but celebrating Idul Adha doesn't feel complete without eating lamb!! hehehe..and i ♥ lamb curry!! ;9
We also tooks some purikura photos!! Yeayy \(^o^)/
So, again, Ied Mubarak friends! 

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