My Momma Said

Hi all ;) Since today has a unique date which may only happen once a lifetime *because i don't assume that i will still be alive 100 years later ;p*, so i decided that i have to post anything here on my blog. hehehe. Luckily, i got this motivation words from my mom this morning, so i have something  to post. yeay :D Actually this sentence was a comment from my mom on my fb's status. hehe.
So, it began with my mom's trip to US *which i think she's up there now on the plane flying to Singapore first*. She will be staying in US for about 3 months till the end of december. What is she doing there? Well, she got a kind of scholarship for 3 months course at Cornell University. I was hoping that i could go there, too on my winter vacation so i could spend a week-mom-and-daughter-time. haha. But with lots of considering, i just think maybe not now. I don't have the money to buy ticket yet though ;p
Then my mom said those motivational words to me. Yes, mom. I wish i'll find my own way to go around the world, just like you :D 
Love you mom

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