It's Too Random ;p

Hi all ;) How's your day so far? Actually i'm having a long weekend till monday, but too lazy to go out somewhere because the weather isn't so great. I thought i could still enjoy the day in some other ways, but unfortunately there were some circumtances which blew up my temper a bit. huh. Yes, this is one of my bad point, quite temperamental. 
Anyway, in order to be happy again, i visited a blog which tells about a girl's daily life.  She's a 4 years old girl, Indonesian nationality, but was born and has been spending most of her lifetime here in Tokyo. There are some videos of her recorded by her mom. I find it's kinda odd, but seeing a little kid could  always be one effective way to gain positive energy. hehehe.
Then somehow, i promise myself that someday when i have my own child, i will try to record lots of videos of her/his as many as possible :D *well,  it's still long way to go anyway since i don't know when and with whom i'll be getting married in the future*

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