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Hey people, so i found this video on facebook when my friend, Dhilla shared it to everyone. Then i watched it and i thought that it would be nice if i also share this video here. 
Be prepared, guys..Because you might be surprised with the facts of this developed country.

Some facts about Japan, like the huge number of food that ended as garbage and the high number of suicide, are so ironic. But, for me who's now living in Tokyo, i feel so thankful to God because here i just feel like i'm home. Compared to my hometown, Bogor - Indonesia, i should admit that living in Tokyo is much more comfortable. I always feel safe, i don't care if i should go alone by train, i don't feel scare even if i have to go to new places by myself. That's soooo much different when i'm in Bogor. Honestly, during last summer holiday, which i spent in Bogor, i refused to use public transportation and prefer to drive a car by myself when i should travel alone after an incident on a public transportation called Angkot. Pickpockets are everywhere! I met them once in the beginning of my holiday in Bogor, luckily i could save my own self, eventhough i got scary stares from the pickpockets right after.
Yeah, anyway you may say a country is strange in one perspective. But, no matter how strange Japan is, i still love it :)

*additional picture for you who don't have any idea how an Angkot looks like..
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