Danbo Duets

Mine, was playing with Dhilla's ;)


Slim Danbo

The danbo looks slim ;D
Anyway, again, i just try to post something because today is a good date ;)


Yeay, I finally bought some heart-shaped balloons yesterday :D Am gonna make a lovey-dovey project with those balloons. ahahahaha!
Wish i could finish that project idea around a month from now *a bit worried since my mood will be the main factor for it* 


Good To Share :D

Hey people, so i found this video on facebook when my friend, Dhilla shared it to everyone. Then i watched it and i thought that it would be nice if i also share this video here. 
Be prepared, guys..Because you might be surprised with the facts of this developed country.

Some facts about Japan, like the huge number of food that ended as garbage and the high number of suicide, are so ironic. But, for me who's now living in Tokyo, i feel so thankful to God because here i just feel like i'm home. Compared to my hometown, Bogor - Indonesia, i should admit that living in Tokyo is much more comfortable. I always feel safe, i don't care if i should go alone by train, i don't feel scare even if i have to go to new places by myself. That's soooo much different when i'm in Bogor. Honestly, during last summer holiday, which i spent in Bogor, i refused to use public transportation and prefer to drive a car by myself when i should travel alone after an incident on a public transportation called Angkot. Pickpockets are everywhere! I met them once in the beginning of my holiday in Bogor, luckily i could save my own self, eventhough i got scary stares from the pickpockets right after.
Yeah, anyway you may say a country is strange in one perspective. But, no matter how strange Japan is, i still love it :)

*additional picture for you who don't have any idea how an Angkot looks like..
got the image from here


My Momma Said

Hi all ;) Since today has a unique date which may only happen once a lifetime *because i don't assume that i will still be alive 100 years later ;p*, so i decided that i have to post anything here on my blog. hehehe. Luckily, i got this motivation words from my mom this morning, so i have something  to post. yeay :D Actually this sentence was a comment from my mom on my fb's status. hehe.
So, it began with my mom's trip to US *which i think she's up there now on the plane flying to Singapore first*. She will be staying in US for about 3 months till the end of december. What is she doing there? Well, she got a kind of scholarship for 3 months course at Cornell University. I was hoping that i could go there, too on my winter vacation so i could spend a week-mom-and-daughter-time. haha. But with lots of considering, i just think maybe not now. I don't have the money to buy ticket yet though ;p
Then my mom said those motivational words to me. Yes, mom. I wish i'll find my own way to go around the world, just like you :D 
Love you mom


It's Too Random ;p

Hi all ;) How's your day so far? Actually i'm having a long weekend till monday, but too lazy to go out somewhere because the weather isn't so great. I thought i could still enjoy the day in some other ways, but unfortunately there were some circumtances which blew up my temper a bit. huh. Yes, this is one of my bad point, quite temperamental. 
Anyway, in order to be happy again, i visited a blog which tells about a girl's daily life.  She's a 4 years old girl, Indonesian nationality, but was born and has been spending most of her lifetime here in Tokyo. There are some videos of her recorded by her mom. I find it's kinda odd, but seeing a little kid could  always be one effective way to gain positive energy. hehehe.
Then somehow, i promise myself that someday when i have my own child, i will try to record lots of videos of her/his as many as possible :D *well,  it's still long way to go anyway since i don't know when and with whom i'll be getting married in the future*


Danbo Attack ;p

my Danbo were playing together with Dhilla's and Akira's :D


An Inspirational Youth

Here i'll share to you a video by Shopia Baker-French, a Canadian who participated as one of the presenters in the 10th International Student Summit at Tokyo University of Agriculture last thursday and friday. This video was shown by her during her presentation session. She was so inspiring, a youth who has found her vision in her life through a voluntary activity at Agora cafe and the farm. I really like her way of thinking and also the way she expressed her opinion, etc. She's just the way too smart. Am wondering if i could be as smart as her.


Jari Lentik :D

I had a really busy week, compared to many other weeks that already passed. It's kinda rare because i don't actually like being too busy for a whole week. But it's not just about being busy, but i can't sleep as much as i usually do. Some people say i'm more like a baby cuz i sleep a lot. hehehe.
So this week was started by having full row of classes on monday, then dance practicing every night which really made me feel tired everyday, replacing my friend for doing a part time job at the computer center, guiding a guest from my home country, attending international student summit for two days, taking the same guest i mentioned before to the airport limousine bus which was heading to narita airport, then finally today performing the dance which i had been practicing for about two weeks during my vacation in indonesia and for the last few days. The performance was great i could say. We're satisfied because in only 4 days, we should re-arrange the dance's choreography and it was quite hard, but we could make it. yeay ;) Btw, the dance that we performed called as Belibis Dance from bali..
We were performing as volunteers in an event held by some volunteers under HandsOn Tokyo group. We perfomed at a kind of nursing home, where most of the residants were sooooo old. I felt so happy when i saw those happy faces of the residants when they enjoyed our dance performance.
Well, btw, i performed together with dhilla and mbak rani (whom has invited me and dhilla to join her dancing team). I'm so happy eventhough i'm also tired to the max.
Anyway, here is a photo of us which we took at a photobooth after the event finished. Unfortunately i can't share any photos when we were dancing because there're some privacy regulations in the event.