Two days ago, my brother read Pancasila in front of me. Then it made me remember a day few weeks ago, when i was having dinner together with dhilla, rama, and akira. On that day, just like usual, we talked about lots of things, we laughed at everything that we thought was funny. I forget why we started to talk about Pancasila, what i remember is that we tried to mention all the points of Pancasila but none of us could tell perfectly. What is Pancasila actually? Some of you might be wondering if you're not Indonesian. Pancasila is the official philosophical foundation of the Indonesian state (based on wikipedia's explanation ;p). When we were still in elementary school until high school, we regularly heard Pancasila being read every week during flag ceremony at our schools. But since we hadn't had flag ceremony for years, we rarely heard someone read Pancasila. Thus, we couldn't recall it easily ;p
So, here i post the points of Pancasila with the hope that i won't forget them ;)


Anonymous said...

pake corel draw atau photshop utk gmbar2nya? lucu2 sih..hehehe

edhika said...

aku biasa pke photoshop ;)

Ramadhona Saville said...

ahoooo,dulu aja pas upacara ga pernah merhatiin, apalagi kmaren waktu makan gila mana inget yah