Random Post

It's sooooooooooo hot today. And i spent few hours outside so i think i got sunburned, but i don't really care about that though. Worse than that, the high temperature and the sun caused me having headache. And this headache hasn't gone until now. Eeerrgh. 
Anyway actually i really wanna talk about some facts that i found after living for about a year in Japan. Yeah, some other facts about Japanese people. But since i think it's not a good time (again because the headache. sorry *_* ) maybe i'll just talk next time.
So, it's friday anyway, have a good weekend! ;)


Reihan said...

yaaaa it was a really reeeeaaaalllyyyy hot day

Indahnya Kebersamaan said...

komentar dulu, trus buka google translate baru baca postingannya

Ramadhona Saville said...

itu yg reihan gw yg komen,,abis dy pake leptop gw di kamar ga di logout,haha

edhika said...

dia ada blog juga kah?